Brake Service & Repair in West Jordan, Utah

You depend on your vehicle’s brakes to slow or stop your vehicle. Neglecting your vehicle’s braking system can create increased repair costs, or worse, having no brakes at all. Here at Ace Auto Repair, our goal is to get your vehicle back out on the road and to keep your family safe. We provide dependable, comprehensive brake services in West Jordan, Utah.

Brake System Inspection & Repair Services

Our brake services include:

  • Brake System Inspection
  • Brake Pad Replacement
  • Brake Rotor Resurfacing & Replacement
  • Brake Drum Reconditioning & Replacement
  • Brake Caliper Repair & Replacement
  • Wheel Bearing Repair & Replacement
  • Wheel Cylinder Repair & Replacement
  • Brake Line Bleeds
  • Brake Fluid Exchange
  • Brake Fluid Testing & Replacement
  • Brake Shoe Replacement
  • Hydraulic Brake System Diagnosis & Repair

Quality Brake Repair

AceAuto Brakes Utah - Auto Brake Repair in UtahHere at Ace Auto Repair in West Jordan, Utah, we pride ourselves on our honesty and unbeatable service. Our team works to keep our rates reasonable, and we'll go the extra mile to service your vehicle in a thorough, comprehensive fashion. Your satisfaction and safety is our priority. Rest easy knowing that every Brake Repair Service from Ace Auto Repair is guaranteed. Don't compromise when it comes to safety.

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If you notice your brakes are making noise, pulsing, grinding or have a spongy feeling, it is time to bring in your vehicle to Ace Auto Repair for a complete brake inspection. Whether your car has drum brakes or anti-lock brakes our experienced mechanics can diagnose brake system issues, repair or replace any worn components, and return your vehicle’s brake system to tip top shape.

Utah Automotive Brake Repair

AceAuto Brake Repair in West Jordan, UT

Useful Brake Tips:

Q: How do i know my brakes are needing replacement?

A: If your brake pad measures less then 1/8 inch, then its time to get a replacement.

Is your Car Experiencing any of these Symptoms?

If your automobile is suffering from a low or spongy pedal, pulsating or grinding, squeaky or vibration when you press the brake pedal, its time.. to let Ace Auto perform a complete brake system inspection. By diagnosing the problem early, in most cases we can save you from large repair bills in the future and return those worn components to new, getting your automobile brake's system back to it's prime stopping power. No matter if your automobile is leaking brake fluid, having abs module/ or caliper problems, our experienced automotive brake repair specialists, can diagnose and fix your brakes, right the first time.

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