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Diesel and gas driven engines produce a lot of heat. From the high pressure burning fuel to the friction from the fast rotating gears in the engine, heat is produced in different ways.

All this heat is not good for your engine, and that’s why cars have an engine coolant system. Without the cooling system, your car will break down from the excess heat. This is what happens when your car water pump is not working. Luckily, you might spot signs that your water pump is about to break down before it shuts down completely as we shall see later.

Water Pump Replacement in West Jordan, Utah

At Ace Auto Repair, we have specialist technicians who can repair your water pump if it’s a minor issue, or replace it if it’s too damaged. Our mechanics are ASE certified which means that they are up to date with even the latest car water pump systems due to continuous training. Call (801) 803-6016 for a FREE repair quote on water pump repair or water pump replacement in West Jordan, Utah.

What is a Water Pump?

A car’s water pump is usually located near the engine. The pump looks like a container and has an impeller that looks like a fan. It is this impeller that maintains that flow of water and coolant throughout the engine and back to the radiator for cooling. The pump is critical to the safe running of the engine, and it is operated by the engine’s drive belt which rotates the impeller allowing it to pump water. If the water pump fails, then the engine will not get cooled.  The excess heat causes severe damage to the engine, and it might lead to total engine failure.

Signs of a Faulty Water Pump

You should have your water pump checked if you observe any of the following signs.

  • Your car blows cold air when you turn on the heater. Since the heater draws the warmth from the car’s cooling system, if the air is cold, then it means that the cooling system is not functioning correctly.
  • Leaking coolant is also a sign that you should have your car inspected. The coolant is usually a green, yellow, or red fluid, and if you find it leaking underneath your car, then you should have your cooling system inspected.
  • A loose water pump pulley. If you hear a high-pitched sound that increases as you accelerate, it might be a sign of a loose water pump pulley. The noise is usually caused by a loose belt. When the pulley becomes loose, it means that it is not able to rotate the impeller properly which leads to an inefficient engine cooling system. It might also be that the bearings inside the car’s water pump are worn out.
  • An overheating engine is also a classic sign of a failing engine cooling system. You should have your car checked when you find the engine overheating.
  • A steaming radiator is also a sign of a faulty cooling system and means that the engine has overheated.

Automotive Water Pump Repair for Cars, Trucks, and SUVs in West Jordan, Utah

If you need your water pump inspected, repaired, or replaced in West Jordan, Utah, you can count on our ASE certified mechanics to do an excellent job. We use top quality parts to perform our repairs and replacements. Contact Ace Auto Repair for a Free quote for automotive water pump repair and replacement.

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