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Whether you need maintenance or repairs for your vehicle, it can be difficult to find a good auto mechanic that offers quality work while being reliable and trustworthy. But you can ensure a top-notch experience when you choose a master auto mechanic like the ones we have here at Ace Auto Repair Utah. Being master mechanics, we have special qualifications that put us at the top of the industry and can help you feel secure in the level of service you will receive.

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In the mechanic profession, people progress through different levels of the skilled trade. Some mechanics you visit will be at one of the lower levels while others have made it to the top, which is the master auto mechanic. To begin with, someone interested in becoming a mechanic can either attend school to learn the trade or take part in an apprenticeship. That is the first level of the mechanic field. The next level of mechanics have completed at least two years working in certain specialties of vehicle maintenance or have one year of experience on top of a two-year technical school program. Then, to reach the top level of an auto master mechanic, our West Jordan technicians at Ace Auto had to pass examinations to become certified with the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, or ASE.

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About ASE Certification: Automotive Service Excellence

ASE has various tests that come in series, fitting different segments of the industry, such as medium/heavy truck, so mechanics can become different types of master mechanics. To become a Master Automobile Technician, our mechanics at Ace Auto needed to pass test A1 up to test A8. These specific tests include a variety of components of vehicles, including engine repair, brakes and engine performance. To be designated as a Master Medium/Heavy Truck Technician, a mechanic would take test T2 up to test T8, which include gasoline and diesel engines, suspension and steering, and other topics. These are a couple of examples, and there are other test and certification options based on the desired specification.

What Puts Master Mechanics With ASE Certification Ahead of the Rest?

  • Extreme Knowledge- By completing ASE certification to become a master auto mechanic, our Ace Auto technicians have shown that they are top-quality and reliable auto mechanics. To achieve this level in the field and earn the designated status, our master mechanics needed to study for and pass a variety of tests. Making it through this process proves that they have the knowledge needed to understand and work on the many components of a vehicle.
  • Up to Date Skills- To maintain this certification, our mechanics need to go through a process of recertification in five-year increments, ensuring that they stay up to date with automotive skills and knowledge.
  • Dedicated to What We Do Best- Putting in the time and focus on passing these tests and maintaining the certification shows that our mechanics are dedicated to the trade and have extensive knowledge in the field.
  • Extensive Experience- This status also lets you know that our mechanics have at least two years of hands-on experience with automobiles, which is required to become an auto master mechanic.
  • Research Shows- According to ASE, research has found specific benefits from mechanics with ASE certification. They show higher levels of productivity and are better at fixing the vehicle correctly the first time while reducing the number of customers who need to quickly return to the shop with a problem.

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To receive the expertise of a reliable master auto mechanic on your vehicle(s), contact us at Ace Auto Repair in West Jordan, Utah. As ASE-certified master mechanics, our automotive technicians perform continuing education to stay knowledgeable on modern vehicle systems. We specialize in repairs for all types of vehicles and we pride ourselves on offering the best level of service to our customers. Feel free to check out what our customers have to say!


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