Alternator Basics

An alternator is a critical component of modern day vehicles. It serves to provide the car battery with a charge and also power for the vehicle's electrical system when the engine is running. Your vehicle's electrical system is fundamental to your vehicle's operability. If the electrical system can't function, the engine won't start. If this system malfunctions, your vehicle's electric features like the power windows, power locks, lights and windshield wipers won't operate. Don't let this happen to you. You can count on the ASE Certified Master Auto Mechanics at Ace Auto Repair in West Jordan, Utah to inspect your electrical system and repair your vehicle's alternator. We can also replace your vehicle's battery and perform an array of other top-rated auto repair services at an affordable cost.

Though most car owners don't know it, it's possible to have a serious issue with the alternator without the illumination of warning lights. Every driver should be on the lookout for certain red flags that indicate a problem with the alternator. Too many drivers wait for the “gen”, “alt” or “bat” lights to shine and then bring the vehicle in for service. The truth is that the alternator is actually the vehicle component that determines whether these warning lights become illuminated in the first place. This means that your vehicle's alternator can go bad and you'll never know about it unless you have it inspected by an Ace Auto Repair technician.

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Aside from bringing your vehicle in for regular checkups, you should be on the lookout for the following signs and symptoms of a bad alternator:

  • Dimmed headlights
  • A dead battery
  • Broken/loose wire connections
  • A belt that is missing, worn or cracked
  • An illuminated “alt” or “gen” light
  • A growling/whining sound coming from the vehicle
  • The smell of hot wires or burning rubber

Alternator Repair Cost Utah

The cost of repairing an alternator varies according to the specific malfunction and a number of other factors. In some situations, the entire alternator goes kaput. In other scenarios, the alternator belt must be switched out for a new one. When a total replacement is necessary, considerable money can be saved if the vehicle owner opts for a used or rebuilt alternator. Even the vehicle's make and model contributes to the cost of the repair. If the problem is something minor like a belt malfunction, it should cost around $125 or less. Replacing the alternator altogether will be much more costly.


Alternator Repair West Jordan, Utah

Prior to the 1960s, vehicles operated with DC dynamo generators and commutators. Once low-cost silicon diode rectifiers became available, alternators were mass produced. An alternator repair requires the attention of a skilled technician who will disassemble it down to individual components. Certain parts can be repaired while others must be replaced in order to ensure operability and prevent a string of future repairs. Lean on our ASE certified mechanics to make the right decisions and our quality guarantee will ring true across posterity.

We'll thoroughly sandblast housings for the perfect fit and cleanliness. We take great care to establish solid connections to maximize flow. We'll also clean the stators and test them to ensure the proper insulation. Our bearings, brushes and springs are all new. We clean and machine the alternator rotor/slip rings, test regulators for the proper voltage and even run rectifiers through the gamut to identify potential problems. We take quality control a step further by individually testing each unit on our load simulator to ensure its charging capability. If the alternator must be replaced, we'll test it on and off the car to verify that there are no other electrical problems.

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