A Mechanic Replacing Battery - Battery Replacement and Maintenance Services in West Jordan - Ace Auto RepairA car battery sends electrical impulses throughout the vehicle that allow it to function. Your car battery is a lot like the brain and without it, nothing would work. That’s why battery maintenance and scheduled replacements are so import.

At Ace Auto in West Jordan, Utah, our certified automotive battery replacement technicians have the experience and training to monitor your car or truck battery. By taking proactive steps to check battery quality and life expectancy, we can help you avoid getting stranded at the most inconvenient time.

Diagnostic Battery Testing

Regularly scheduled testing is an important preventative measure. The results will keep you informed about potential battery failure and provide a context for when it should be swapped out for a new one. Our diagnostic services are fast, efficient and vital.

Replacing Car Battery

Should our Ace Auto technicians conclude that your car battery is underperforming, we’ll advise you and replace it with a brand new one. The Ace Auto goal is to keep your car running smoothly and help you avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

Battery Terminal Maintenance

One of the common reasons that drivers get stuck is cable corrosion. When terminals do not receive routine cleanings, the cables deteriorate and don’t carry a proper electrical current. We keep your terminals clean and corrosion-free.

Cable Replacements

A battery is only as good as the cables that carry the electrical current. Our Ace Auto technicians take the time to inspect cables for damage and corrosion. It’s in your best interest to replace them before an issue arises.

What You Should Know Car Battery Replacement

The life expectancy of a battery can range from three to five years, depending on brand and upkeep. Driving habits also influence the longevity. For instance, intense weather and frequent stops can reduce battery life. Consider these warning signs.

    • Slow Engine Start: When you go to start up your vehicle, the engine may sound sluggish in the beginning. If it seems to be taking longer than normal to turn over, bring the car in for a battery check-up.
    • ‘Check Engine’ Lights Up: A declining battery can cause the Check Engine light to appear on your dashboard. A weakened battery can also cause other warning lights to appear. Whether the origin is the battery or another problem, the vehicle should be looked at by a professional.
    • Battery Fluid: It comes as a surprise to some, but the vital fluids inside batteries can decline even though they are sealed. Some batteries have a translucent space where the levels can be seen. When the levels dip, have an experienced technician evaluate the battery’s status.
    • Swollen Battery Casing: Heat and other external factors can make a battery swell. If it appears bloated, its life expectancy has likely been compromised. In all likelihood, it should be replaced immediately.
    • Battery Smells: The smell of rotten eggs or sulfur may indicate that the battery’s casing has been compromised. Leaks can cause corrosion and damage to other components. Immediate replacement is necessary.

At Ace Auto, we can monitor and service your battery to help maximize its lifespan and effectiveness. Basically, we help you avoid getting stuck on the side of the road.

Utah Car Battery Replacement Near Me

At Ace Auto, our ASE Certified technicians provide the high-level service that you deserve. As a family-owned and operated auto repair shop, you can expect free, written estimates and reliable, guaranteed work. We offer automotive battery services in West Jordan, Utah, and the greater Salt Lake area. Contact Ace Auto today at 801-803-6016 to schedule an appointment.

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