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Why Do Transmissions Fail?

An automatic transmission is built to last for about 7 years or around 150,000 - 200,000 miles on average. But, this depends on many other factors such as how well the car's transmission was maintained, including if the transmission fluid was kept at proper levels and if the owner performed an occasional tranny system flush. You can expect a manual transmission to last much longer, but after years of incorrect operation of the clutch and gears, you can expect a manual transmission to require transmission repair services even earlier.

Transmission problems can happen much earlier in the life of an automobile, especially if there was a hidden manufacturer's defect during machining production or final assembly. And finally, any vehicle can start showing signs of a failing transmission that are a result of owner driving habits or neglect, including:

  • Shifting gears before the car is fully stopped
  • Ignoring the early signs of transmission problems
  • Heavy towing beyond the car's rated capacity
  • Running low or using the wrong transmission fluid
  • Not completing the regularly scheduled maintenance

Any of these practices can damage your transmission to the point where the car will require additional drivetrain repair services.

Common Transmission Problems

A transmission is a very complex mechanical component of your car's drivetrain, and without it, your car will not move forward or backward. If you are experiencing transmission slippage or problems putting your car into gear, a transmission repair and service expert will be needed to diagnose and fix the problem.
Early diagnosis of a transmission problem is key to preventing a more serious and more costly repair. Some of the most common problems with either automatic or manual transmissions include:

Transmission image - Affordable Transmission Repair in West Jordan, Utah

  • Your clutch is sticking when trying to shift gears
  • The transmission slips or shudders when changing gears
  • Any noises or vibrations while shifting gears
  • Affordable Transmission Repair in West Jordan, Utah

    Is the transmission on your car slipping or is it having difficulty changing gears? These could be signs that your vehicle's transmission needs maintenance or repair. We at Ace Auto Repair in West Jordan, UT are transmission repair geniuses! We guarantee we can fix your transmission and get you up and running in no time. We take pride in offering every customer fast, friendly, reliable and honest services. Our mechanics are ASE Certified (automotive service excellence) means that our automotive technicians go through continuous training to remain current with today's high tech vehicle systems.

    Call Ace Auto Repair In West Jordan, Utah at 801-803-6016 for a Free Quote Today!

    If you are not in the West Jordan, UT area and have any signs of a slipping transmission, Ace Auto Repair can get a tow truck to move your Car, SUV, Truck or RV, give us a call today!

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    Ace Auto Repair understands how valuable your vehicle is to you. We are dedicated to helping car owners in West Jordan, Utah maintain the longevity of their vehicles through regular oil changes.

    One of the simplest and most effective ways to do this is by regularly changing your oil and oil filter. Not only does this prevent engine damage, but it also improves gas mileage and reduces harmful emissions. That's why we offer the best oil change service in West Jordan, Utah.

    Table of Contents

    Trust us to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape, and contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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    Why Your Car Needs Regular Oil Change

    Cars have dozens of moving parts. Moving parts need lubrication to operate efficiently, and that’s where oiling comes in. The engine, in particular, needs a lot of oil to operate at optimal levels. Oiling helps with the cooling of engine parts; it forms a seal between pistons, cylinder walls, and rings. It provides lubrication, reduces wear and tear, and lessens friction. It’s the impulse of life for the engine.

    How Often Should I Change My Oil?

    Regular oil changes are essential to keep your vehicle running smoothly and to extend its lifespan. The frequency of oil changes depends on your vehicle model, driving conditions, and the type of motor oil used.

    As a general rule, most manufacturers recommend changing your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or every three to six months, whichever comes first. Some newer cars and synthetic oils can go up to 10,000 miles or more between oil changes. It's always best to consult your vehicle owner's manual or a certified mechanic for specific recommendations. Neglecting to change your oil regularly can lead to engine damage and costly repairs. So, make sure to prioritize oil changes as part of your vehicle maintenance routine.

    What are the Signs That I Need an Oil Change?

    Regular oil changes are essential for the longevity and performance of your vehicle. Here are some signs that indicate you need an oil change:

    1. Engine Warning Light - If the engine warning light comes on, it might be time for an oil change. This light indicates a problem with your engine, and low oil pressure could be the cause.
    2. Dark or Dirty Oil - Check your oil regularly by pulling out the dipstick. If the oil is dark and dirty, it's time for a change. Fresh oil should be golden brown and transparent.
    3. Strange Engine Noises - If you hear unusual sounds coming from your engine, it could be an indication that your oil is old and dirty.
    4. Exhaust Smoke - If you see smoke coming out of your exhaust, it could be a sign of a serious issue. Old, dirty oil could be the cause, so it's essential to get it checked out.
    5. Low Oil Level - If your oil level is low, it's time for a change. Your vehicle needs enough oil to function properly, and a low level could cause engine damage. It's crucial to get your oil changed regularly, and you should always follow your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations. At Ace Auto Repair, our ASE Certified Mechanics in West Jordan, Utah, can help you keep your vehicle running smoothly with our oil change services.

    Oil Contamination

    Typical types of oil contamination include air, water, fuel, soot deposits and debris such as engine particles. Each of these contaminants can lead to the degradation of your engine's lubricant.

    Improve Fuel Economy by Decreasing Friction on Moving Parts in Your Engine. Call Ace Auto Repair to Schedule an Oil Change in West Jordan Utah.

    Types of Oil Available at Ace Auto Repair

    Affordable Oil Change Service in West Jordan, Utah

    Engine oil quiets down engine noise as well as the shock produced by the moving parts. Varnish and carbon can also build up when the cleaning action of new oil is missing – the build-up of these compounds can be toxic to the engine. If you are looking for an oil change in West Jordan, Utah, look no further than Ace Auto Repair for ASE Certified auto repair services. Here are some of the types of oil change services provided by Ace Auto Repair:

    • Conventional Oil. Conventional motor oil is inexpensive and a familiar for many drivers. If you don’t use your car a lot, conventional oil is a good option for you. People who don’t tow heavy loads with their cars, drive in extreme cold or heat, do a lot of short trips, use dirty or dusty roads often, or drive in any other form of extreme conditions, can use conventional motor oil.
    • High-Mileage Oil. High-mileage oil helps keep vehicles that have been around for a long time in good condition. It protects the vehicle from the gradual loss of compression, oil leaks, and reduces oil burn off. If your car has 75,000 miles or more on it, consider getting high-mileage oil.
    • Synthetic Blend Oil. As the name suggests, this oil type is a mixture of conventional and synthetic oil intended to find the middle ground between performance and protection. It’s designed for extreme driving conditions.
    • Full Synthetic Oil. Commonly referred to as just ‘synthetic oil,’ this type of oil offers the highest level of performance and protection for your engine. It’s a special formulation of oil designed to provide the ultimate driving experience. It’s recommended, and sometimes required by many car manufacturers.

    Ace Auto Repair Oil Change Service in West Jordan Utah

    Take a look at what’s included in our Ace Auto oil change service:

    Change or Replace:

    • Oil with up to five quarts of quality motor oil
    • Oil Filter

    Key Components Inspection:

    • Antifreeze/coolant reservoir levels
    • Engine air filtration system
    • Serpentine belts
    • Brake fluid level (in transparent reservoirs)
    • Wiper blades
    • Exterior lights
    • Chassis (lubricate when applicable)

    Inspect and Fill:

    • Tire pressure
    • Transmission/transaxle fluid
    • Differential/transfer case fluid
    • Power steering fluid
    • Windshield water fluid



    Oil Change Service in West Jordan, Utah

    Changing your engine oil isn’t the only thing we do. We also offer a variety of other auto mechanic services. These include Alignment, Air Filtration Services, Air Conditioning, Engine Repair Services, Drivetrain Services, Cooling System Services, Fuel Injector Cleaning, Inspection and Emissions, electrical repairs, and Windshield, Transmission repair, Tire, as well as Suspension Services.


    Call Ace Auto Repair at 801-803-6016 to Schedule an Oil Change Today!


    Frequently Asked Questions About Oil Change Service

    • What Types of Oil Change Services Are Available at Ace Auto Repair?

    Ace Auto Repair offers a comprehensive range of oil change services to meet the unique needs of your vehicle. Our professional technicians are trained to handle conventional, synthetic blends, high-mileage, and full synthetic oil changes. We also provide additional services such as filter replacements and fluid top-offs as required.

    • How Often Should I Get an Oil Change?

    The frequency at which you should get an oil change depends on various factors, such as your vehicle's age, make, model, driving habits, and the type of oil used. While the general recommendation is every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or every three months, it is essential to consult your vehicle owner's manual for specific guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

    • What Are the Benefits of an Oil Change?

    Regular oil changes offer numerous benefits for your vehicle's health and performance. Fresh engine oil ensures proper lubrication of moving parts within the engine, reducing friction and preventing excessive wear on components. This leads to improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions while promoting a longer-lasting engine with fewer unexpected breakdowns or costly repairs.

    • How Much Does an Oil Change Cost at Ace Auto Repair?

    The cost of an oil change at Ace Auto Repair is influenced by factors such as the type of service (conventional vs. synthetic), additional services requested (e.g., filter replacement), and any applicable promotions or discounts available at the time of service. Contact our team for a tailored quote based on your specific needs.

    • How Long Does an Oil Change Take at Ace Auto Repair?

    Our experienced technicians at Ace Auto Repair work efficiently to perform an oil change within 30-45 minutes under normal circumstances; however, this timeframe may vary if additional services are requested or if there are unexpected complications during the process.

    • Do I Need to Make an Appointment for an Oil Change at Ace Auto Repair?

    Scheduling an appointment for an oil change at Ace Auto Repair ensures that our team will be prepared to serve you promptly upon arrival with minimal wait times. Please note that we offer oil change services by appointment only, and no walk-ins are accepted. Call us at (801) 803-6016 to schedule your oil change today!

    • Does Ace Auto Repair Offer Any Special Deals on Oil Change Services?

    At Ace Auto Repair, we continuously strive to provide value-added services for our customers, which include special deals on oil change services throughout different periods of the year; these promotions can help save you money on maintaining your vehicle in top condition. Click here to get up to $15.00 off oil changes at Ace Auto Repair in West Jordan, Utah.

    • What Are the Signs That I Need an Oil Change?

    Being attentive to the signs that indicate your vehicle needs an oil change is crucial. These may include a decrease in fuel efficiency, dark or dirty oil when checking the dipstick, an illuminated oil change reminder light on your dashboard, or unusual noises coming from the engine compartment.

    • Does Ace Auto Repair Provide Synthetic Oil Change Services?

    Synthetic oils are known for their superior performance and protection compared to conventional oils; at Ace Auto Repair, we offer synthetic oil changes as part of our commitment to providing top-quality services for all types of vehicles and requirements.

    • Is It Necessary to Change the Oil Every 3,000 Miles?

    The traditional 3,000-mile recommendation has evolved with advancements in automotive technology and modern synthetic oils; these improvements allow many vehicles to safely extend the intervals between oil changes without compromising engine health – always refer to manufacturer guidelines for optimal maintenance schedules.

    • What Are the Risks of Not Getting an Oil Change?

    Neglecting regular oil changes can lead to serious consequences such as increased wear on internal engine components, decreased fuel efficiency due to increased friction, potential engine failure if lubrication becomes insufficient or contaminated, and even voiding your vehicle's warranty in some cases.

    • Does Ace Auto Repair Offer Same-Day Oil Change Services?

    Understanding that our customers have busy lives, Ace Auto Repair offers same-day oil change services when possible; however, it is advised to schedule an appointment ahead of time so we can ensure prompt service upon arrival while minimizing any disruption to your day.


    Check the Ace Auto Loyalty Program for Oil Change Coupons

    If you find yourself in West Jordan Utah and you’re asking yourself where to get 'oil change near me', check out Ace Auto Repair for quality services. We even have an oil change loyalty program that includes an oil change coupon just for our loyal West Jordan, Utah customers. Join the Ace Auto Loyalty program and you save up to $15 on all future oil change services! 

    Oil change loyalty program photo - Ace Auto Repair West Jordan Utah

    Have you noticed your car or truck running poorly? Does it seem to lack acceleration? If so, then it might be time to get your fuel injector system serviced. A clogged fuel injector can impact your vehicle’s performance and efficiency. Contact Ace Auto Repair in West Jordan Utah for a free quote! Let us take care of all your fuel injector service needs! Give us a call at 801-447-1693.

    Fuel System Basics

    Working on a fuel injector - Fuel injector cleaning service in West Jordan UtahEvery engine has a fuel system that consists of fuel injectors, a fuel pump and a fuel filter. When you press on the gas pedal, you control how much air and fuel that your engine takes in. This process distributes gasoline to your engine for the combustion process. The components of your fuel injection system then work together to help the fuel travel from the fuel tank to your engine's fuel injector. The injectors provide a precise fuel spray pattern in the cylinder. The spray creates a mixture that is ignited by the spark plugs when they fire. This process then powers your vehicle.

    Dirt and debris can clog parts of your fuel system and interfere with the fuel spray pattern. Without the right pattern, fuel can remain unburned. Over time, this causes deposits form in your fuel system, resulting in loss of power, poor gas mileage and other issues with your vehicle. These deposits could even damage other parts of your engine and lead to a complete engine shutdown if not eliminated.

    Signs Of Fuel Injector Problems

    Here are some of the signs of fuel system problems:

    • Hesitation when you push down on the gas
    • Lower gas mileage
    • Your car doesn’t seem to have power
    • Uneven or rough engine idling

    Fuel Injector Flush Service

    One way to prevent clogged fuel injectors is with a fuel injector flush. Our master mechanics use professional multi-step cleaners to clear out any residue from your injectors. A fuel injector cleaning service ensures that your fuel system maintains top performance. This service will help your engine perform at its best.

    Ace Auto Repair's Fuel Injection Cleaning Service Will Help:

    • Improve your vehicle's performance and efficiency
    • Help protect your engine
    • Reduce emissions
    • Avoid a pricey fuel injector pump repair cost

    Fuel injection cleaning requires careful inspection and expertise. You need expert technicians that will closely monitor the cleaning process to ensure that it achieves the desired effect. At Ace Auto Repair, our technicians have the materials, tools and training to ensure that your fuel system is running at its best.

    We use multi-step cleaners to remove deposits from your fuel injection system. If your fuel filter needs to be replaced, we’ll do that too. We only use products that meet manufacturer's recommendations.

    Once the cleaning is complete, our technicians verify that your system is performing at its optimal level. We check the fuel pressure and engine performance and conduct a road test to ensure that your engine is firing at the optimal rate.

    How Often Do I Need a Fuel Injector Flush?

    The frequency of fuel injection cleaning varies depending upon several factors, including:

    1. How old is your vehicle? Newer cars typically require less frequent fuel injection cleaning because new cars usually get better gas mileage and burn fuel much slower. So, if your car is more than a couple of years old, you might want to have the fuel injectors checked out.
    2. Do you make frequent short trips? If so, then your car might be more vulnerable to clogged fuel injectors.
    3. Does your car have high mileage? Vehicles with higher mileage are more susceptible to clogged fuel injectors.
    4. What does your vehicle's manufacturer recommend? Most manufacturers recommend that fuel injectors be cleaned every 15,000 miles. However, it is always best to check your owner's manual for specific recommendations on your car or truck.

    Fuel injection technician - Ace Auto Repair West Jordan, Utah

    Where Can I Schedule a Fuel Injector Cleaning Service in West Jordan, Utah?

    It is easy to schedule an appointment for a fuel injection service in West Jordan, Utah. Contact your local fuel injector repair shop, Ace Auto Repair, at (801) 803-6016 . You can also use our convenient online form anytime day or night to quickly and easily schedule a service for a day and time that works for you.

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    A Mechanic Replacing Battery - Battery Replacement and Maintenance Services in West Jordan - Ace Auto RepairA car battery sends electrical impulses throughout the vehicle that allow it to function. Your car battery is a lot like the brain and without it, nothing would work. That’s why battery maintenance and scheduled replacements are so import.

    At Ace Auto in West Jordan, Utah, our certified automotive battery replacement technicians have the experience and training to monitor your car or truck battery. By taking proactive steps to check battery quality and life expectancy, we can help you avoid getting stranded at the most inconvenient time.

    Diagnostic Battery Testing

    Regularly scheduled testing is an important preventative measure. The results will keep you informed about potential battery failure and provide a context for when it should be swapped out for a new one. Our diagnostic services are fast, efficient and vital.

    Replacing Car Battery

    Should our Ace Auto technicians conclude that your car battery is underperforming, we’ll advise you and replace it with a brand new one. The Ace Auto goal is to keep your car running smoothly and help you avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

    Battery Terminal Maintenance

    One of the common reasons that drivers get stuck is cable corrosion. When terminals do not receive routine cleanings, the cables deteriorate and don’t carry a proper electrical current. We keep your terminals clean and corrosion-free.

    Cable Replacements

    A battery is only as good as the cables that carry the electrical current. Our Ace Auto technicians take the time to inspect cables for damage and corrosion. It’s in your best interest to replace them before an issue arises.

    What You Should Know Car Battery Replacement

    The life expectancy of a battery can range from three to five years, depending on brand and upkeep. Driving habits also influence the longevity. For instance, intense weather and frequent stops can reduce battery life. Consider these warning signs.

      • Slow Engine Start: When you go to start up your vehicle, the engine may sound sluggish in the beginning. If it seems to be taking longer than normal to turn over, bring the car in for a battery check-up.
      • ‘Check Engine’ Lights Up: A declining battery can cause the Check Engine light to appear on your dashboard. A weakened battery can also cause other warning lights to appear. Whether the origin is the battery or another problem, the vehicle should be looked at by a professional.
      • Battery Fluid: It comes as a surprise to some, but the vital fluids inside batteries can decline even though they are sealed. Some batteries have a translucent space where the levels can be seen. When the levels dip, have an experienced technician evaluate the battery’s status.
      • Swollen Battery Casing: Heat and other external factors can make a battery swell. If it appears bloated, its life expectancy has likely been compromised. In all likelihood, it should be replaced immediately.
      • Battery Smells: The smell of rotten eggs or sulfur may indicate that the battery’s casing has been compromised. Leaks can cause corrosion and damage to other components. Immediate replacement is necessary.

    At Ace Auto, we can monitor and service your battery to help maximize its lifespan and effectiveness. Basically, we help you avoid getting stuck on the side of the road.

    Utah Car Battery Replacement Near Me

    At Ace Auto, our ASE Certified technicians provide the high-level service that you deserve. As a family-owned and operated auto repair shop, you can expect free, written estimates and reliable, guaranteed work. We offer automotive battery services in West Jordan, Utah, and the greater Salt Lake area. Contact Ace Auto today at 801-803-6016 to schedule an appointment.

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    Ace Auto Oil Change Loyalty Program

    How does it work?

    • Purchase a Loyalty Sticker from Ace Auto for $25
    • Place the Ace Auto Sticker on your vehicle
    • Receive a discount up to $15 off all FUTURE Oil Changes at Ace Auto Repair in West Jordan, UT

    Save big on your Next Oil Change at Ace Auto Repair in West Jordan, UT

    Purchase your Loyalty Program Sticker Today

    Ace Auto Repair Loyalty Sticker

    *Discount Valid AFTER sticker has been applied to a vehicle. Discount remains valid as long as sticker remains on the vehicle.

    It's about time you get an oil change for that vehicle of yours! Whether it's a car or truck, we are ready to take care of you. Simply fill out the form and we will give you a call to schedule your appointment.

    Call 801-803-6016 to Schedule an Oil Change

    Oil Changes are a vital service in order to preserve the life-span of your vehicle. The best part about this service is it's fast and painless. We also make our oil changes affordable. When you see that light on your dash, it's an apparent reminder to change your oil.

    Mechanic Doing an Oil Change Service West Jordan, UT

    Belts and Hoses - Drive Belt - Ace Auto RepairBelts and hoses often wear our due to vehicle aging, belt tension, mileage, electromechanical degradation, hose clamp failure, and contamination from engine oil. Eventually, routine belts and hoses replacement is inevitable if you’re looking to prevent breakdowns and costly repairs. If you’re in need of replacing any belts or hoses on your vehicle, contact Ace Auto in West Jordan, Utah for a free quote today. Our auto master mechanics are dedicated to providing you with reliable services you can trust.

    Importance of Replacing Your Car’s Belts and Hoses

    Belts and hoses play a critical role in the operation of your vehicle’s cooling system, AC system, engine, and the charging system. Auto belts and hoses are among the fastest wearing parts owing to their functional operations within the vehicle. The Radiator hose and heater hose convey liquid coolants from/to the engine, heater core, and the radiator. On the other hand, the timing belt maintains engine precision by synchronizing rotation of your engine’s camshaft and crankshaft, which are designed to move the engine’s pistons and valves. Some vehicle models, however, do not have timing belts but instead use timing chains. Outside the engine lies the serpentine belt that transmits power from the front part of the engine to external systems like the air conditioner and charging system. Because auto belts and hoses are one of the fasted wearing parts, it’s important to receive regular inspections to make sure you replace them before any real damage occurs.

    Types of Automotive Belts and Hoses

    There are numerous kinds of belts and hoses in an auto engine. They all serve different important purposes, so the upkeep and regular maintenance are critical.

    Vehicle Belts

    Some of the critical engine belt types include the timing belt and fan belt or serpentine belt. As mentioned earlier, a car timing belt forms part of the engine and controls the precision of engine valves in addition to extra tasks like driving water and oil pumps in some vehicle models. But, what is a serpentine belt? Also referred to as fan belt, the serpentine belt drives the external engine accessories like alternators, power steering pump, water pump, AC system, and even the hydraulic clutch line. Most vehicles come with a single serpentine belt while others come with two or three.

    Vehicle Hoses

    Hoses include engine hose, upper radiator hose, bottom radiator hose, rubber brake hose, engine coolant hose, antifreeze hose, fuel line hose, and auto air conditioning hoses. Almost all engine components have hoses that enhance the proper operation of the engine. Examples are coolant hoses, radiator hoses, and vacuum hoses. Hoses are designed to transport fluids and air between critical engine components to keep the vehicle running efficiently. Radiator hoses enhance engine cooling by moving the coolant from the engine through the radiator and back to the engine. Without the movement of coolant, the engine could overheat and eventually seize, leading to costly engine rebuild or replacement.

    When to Change Belts and Hoses

    A car hose is made of rubber due to its lightweight properties. Over time, rubber tends to degrade and wear down, occasioning radiator hose replacement and heater hose replacement. Belts are similarly exposed to harmful chemicals, and engine vibration, engine heat, that all lead to wear and tear hence the need for periodic serpentine belt replacement and drive belt replacement.

    Some symptoms to look out for when belts and hoses are nearing failure include:

    • Grinding, squeaking, or screeching noise when starting the engine or during vehicle operation. However, grinding sounds near belts indicate bad pulleys, not a bad car belt.
    • A bad serpentine belt may lead to loss of power and air conditioning failure.
    • Leaking coolant or other engine fluids may indicate a worn out hose.
    • Illuminated dashboard lights
    • Rising steam emanating from the engine

    Engine belts are often difficult to visually inspect, and that’s why it’s critical to follow the manufacturer’s recommended belt replacement duration or mileage. A cracked serpentine belt can eventually break without warning if not changed on time, so you should keep tabs on when to replace serpentine belt.

    Why Choose Ace Auto Belt & Hose Replacement in West Jordan, Utah?

    If your car is squeaking, leaking, or it has taken quite some time since you last inspected your belts and hoses, come to Ace Auto in West Jordan, Utah and let our experts look at it. We have a versatile team of technicians who will closely examine the source of the trouble and find an accurate solution. We will recommend when to have your belts replaced next, so you won’t have to worry about your vehicle stalling on the road. We also offer engine repair services, engine rebuild and replacement, air conditioning repair and recharge, and much more. View a list of our other services. Contact Ace Auto in Utah for a free quote on your belts and hoses replacement today!

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    Starting a vehicle - Ignition Repair and Replacement in West Jordan - Ace Auto RepairIs your car in need of ignition repair in Utah? At Ace Auto, we have experienced master mechanics dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional customer service. You can trust our mechanics to correctly diagnose your car and provide dependable and trustworthy repairs. Give us a call at 801-803-6016 today.

    Signs Your Car Needs Ignition Repair or Replacement

    The ignition system of a car generates a high voltage and transmits it to every spark plug. This ignites the mixture of fuel and air in the combustion chambers of the engine. A proper functioning ignition system is a necessity for all cars. It is, therefore, important to always look out for any problems and get car ignition repair if necessary. Some reasons you may be experiencing problems with your ignition is that you have a damaged lock cylinder, old or damaged key, dirt trapped in the mechanism or ignition failure.

    If you notice these other following symptoms, you may need a car ignition repair.

    • Car Suddenly Stalling While Driving

      Does your car stall while driving? This is one of the earliest signs of trouble. It is dangerous since you may easily get rear-ended, especially when in traffic. When you are driving and the ignition switch fails, the supply of power to the fuel and ignition systems is interrupted. This is what causes your car to stall. You need a car ignition switch repair to fix the problem. Ignition switch repair cost depends on the auto repair shop. Our mechanics at Ace Auto provide affordable ignition repairs West Jordan, Utah. Note that other factors such as bad electrical wiring, fuel pressure problems and a bad battery may also cause a car to stall.

    • Difficulty In Powering The Accessories

      An ignition system that is fully functional should be able to power on accessories. If you have trouble powering accessories, then your car may need ignition switch replacement.

    • Car Failing To Start

      If you notice that your car is taking unusually long or completely failing to start, you most likely need to replace ignition switch. It is usually as a result of a corroded part in the electrical circuit. You may also need an ignition lock cylinder repair.

    • Key Failing To Turn

      If your key will not turn in the ignition, you obviously have a problem. It most likely means that the ignition switch is unable to make the electrical pathway necessary to transfer power from the battery to the starter motor. You will also realize that the starter motor produces no noise. Since the car can’t start if the key cannot be turned, you will need to get your ignition checked as soon as possible.

    • Dead Battery

      A dead battery may be a sign of a bad ignition relay. A relay with an internal short keeps transferring power to the fuel and ignition system even the key is removed. Because current is continuously drawn, the battery eventually dies.

    For Professional Car Ignition Repair Services, Contact Ace Auto in West Jordan, Utah Today

    At Ace Auto, we are a family owned and operated auto repair shop in West Jordan, Utah that repairs and offers car ignition replacement for sedans, SUVs, vans and trucks of local and foreign models. We offer our services in West Jordan, Utah and the neighboring greater Salt Lake area. You can trust that our services are affordable and we are always honest with our clients about the issues their car has. We provide all the necessary information and will never lie about what needs to be fixed just to make profits. Our staff members are professional, friendly, trustworthy and dependable. Our master mechanics always prioritize the needs of clients. All our mechanics are certified by the Automotive Service Excellence. This means we have the necessary training and skills to handle even high tech vehicle systems. Visit Ace Auto today in our West Jordan, Utah offices for free written repair estimates and fast service. Contact us at (801) 803-6016 to schedule an appointment today.

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    Happy Automobile MechanicWondering where to get quality and affordable auto repair services in West Jordan, UT? Ace Auto is a family-owned and operated repair shop that specializes in auto repairs for cars and trucks of all makes and models. We not only have modern tools but also ASE certified mechanics to ensure that all our services meet your needs. Over the years that we have been operational, we have earned a reputation of offering fast, friendly, reliable and honest services as well as providing guarantees for our work. Call Ace Auto Repair Utah today for a free, written repair estimate.

    Do I Have to Repair My Car at the Dealership to Maintain the Factory Warranty?

    If you buy a new car in Utah, you might be wondering if you need to service it at a dealership in order to keep your warranty valid. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation's consumer protection agency, says no. In fact, it's illegal for a dealer to deny your warranty coverage simply because you had routine maintenance or repairs performed by a local auto repair shop.

    Why Choose Ace Auto Repair for Scheduled Car Maintenance?

    Our auto repair shop aims to offer quality services that match our customers’ expectations. We provide a broad range of repair services including brake repair, electrical repair, engine repair, transmission repair, A/C repair, and computer systems among others. We also have the necessary expertise and experience to service various luxury brands. Apart from repairs, we have high quality towing services at the best prices. Other benefits of factory scheduled maintenance with Ace Auto include:

    • Avoid costly, inconveniencing and frequent breakdowns
    • Fast and reliable services to minimize disruptions to your schedule
    • Access experienced ASE certified technicians for quality services
    • Quality replacement parts for your vehicle
    • We are a family-owned and operated business
    • Superior customer service from our advisers and technicians


    The Recommended Car Maintenance Schedule:

    In order to keep your car in good working condition, most manufacturers recommend that you have a number of items inspected, changed or replaced regularly. This should be done at 30,000, 60,000 and 90,000 miles. However, the service interval will depend on the type of the vehicle.


    Regular Maintenance

    • Oil and oil filter – as your engine runs, engine oil becomes contaminated with dirt, debris, dust, and carbon. Changing both the oil and oil filter will ensure better engine lubrication, cool engine components, improve gas mileage and promote vehicle longevity.


    Car Maintenance before 30,000 miles

    • Air filter – a clogged or worn out air filter will affect the quantity and quality of air that makes its way to the engine. This will give the engine more work by preventing proper fuel combustion. It is important to replace the air filter between 15,000 and 30,000 miles and after every 15,000 miles if you drive in dusty areas.
    • Fuel filter – a clogged fuel filter will prevent your engine from running smoothly or starting. It would be important to get our experts to check your fuel filter and get rid of any harmful contaminants that may affect its functioning.


    Car Maintenance before 60,000 Miles

    • Battery – most batteries are designed to wear out, with factors such as age, extreme temperatures and extended periods of non-use shortening their working life. You should change your car battery after every 50,000 to 60,000 miles.
    • Brake fluid, brake pads, and brake rotors – in order to keep your brakes working efficiently, you should have old fluid replaced with new brake fluid every 20,000 to 45,000 miles. You should also have your brake pads checked regularly and get them replaced if they are worn out. Brake repair will also involve re-surfacing your warped brake rotors after 60,000 miles.
    • Coolant – the coolant, a mixture of water and antifreeze, prevents damage by keeping your engine from overheating. Your coolant should be replaced at 60,000 miles, with the mechanic flashing the entire cooling system before replacing it.
    • Transmission fluid – monitoring your transmission fluid levels regularly will ensure that your transmission does not burn up. While healthy fluid will be pink in color and have a sweet smell, the fluid that needs to be replaced will be dark red and smell burnt. The lifespan of your transmission fluid will depend on whether you have a manual or automatic transmission.


    Car Maintenance before 90,000 Miles

    • Hoses – every time your car approaches six-figure mileage, you should get the hoses checked to ensure that they are not aged, cracked or burst.
    • Power steering fluid – power steering fluid should be flushed and replaced when your steering becomes hard, makes excessive noise or at 75,000 miles.
    • Spark plugs – you will see the “check engine” light on your dash when important ignition components such as spark plugs fail. You could also have trouble starting the car or experience rough running. The frequency with which you change your spark plugs will depend on the type you buy.
    • Timing belt – in case your car has a timing belt as opposed to a timing chain, you will have to get it changed after every 75,000 miles. This will help you prevent damage and avoid costly repairs.


    Call Ace Auto Today for Scheduled Car Maintenance Services in Utah

    Failure to work with a reliable auto repair shop may result in your car breaking down frequently and eventually a shorter working life for your vehicle. At Ace Auto Repair in Utah, we make it easy for you to access quality and affordable services by offering financing options, accepting insurance and offering a satisfaction guarantee. Schedule an appointment today to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with factory scheduled maintenance. Give us a call at 801-803-6016 to receive a free repair quote

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    Catalytic ConverterAre you searching for catalytic converter repair services in West Jordan, Utah? To fix a catalytic converter, contact the experts at Ace Auto and get the best Auto repair service in Utah. At Ace Auto in West Jordan, Utah, we can help you ensure the catalytic converter functions as it should by repairing or replacing it. Our mechanics are trained, certified and experienced in all catalytic converter maintenance and repairs in Utah. Our goal is to ensure that you are safe and you get quality auto repair services every time you search ‘catalytic converter repair near me.’

    What Does a Catalytic Converter Do?

    A catalytic converter is located under your vehicle, and its purpose is to clean up emissions from the vehicle before they can be expelled to the environment. It comprises of a honeycomb-like structure which is coated with platinum, rhodium, or palladium to minimize the harmful effects of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxide. If you repair the catalytic converter regularly, this component will work properly and help reduce harmful toxins in the environment, as well as in your vehicle.

    The Importance of Visiting Ace Auto Catalytic Converter Repair Shop as Soon as Your Notice Signs of Trouble

    Due to the role they play in emission control and passenger safety, catalytic converters are essential components of the exhaust system. A damaged catalytic converter should be replaced immediately you notice a sign of trouble. A clogged catalytic converter is also dangerous. In case you try to accelerate, and your vehicle doesn’t speed up, your catalytic converter could be clogged, and this can cause engine failure. If you also smell sulfur, you should know that you have a bad catalytic converter.

    Additionally, if your oxygen sensor is damaged, it can cause the catalytic converter to operate less efficiently hence reducing its lifespan. Harmful gases will not diminish if you have insufficient oxygen while excess oxygen will cause your converter to overheat. Our service technicians at Ace Auto will conduct all the necessary tests when you visit our repair shop to determine the exact reason why your catalytic converter is malfunctioning.

    Symptoms of a Bad Catalytic Converter:

    • Poor fuel economy
    • A vehicle with little or no power
    • Check engine light is on
    • Awful smell of rotten eggs in the car or the exhaust
    • Rough running and backfiring

    Get Catalytic Converter Repair and Replacement Services in West Jordan, Utah from Ace Auto

    If your catalytic converter malfunctions, visit Ace Auto in West Jordan, Utah for quality service!  We offer an emissions test to diagnose the problem your catalytic converter could be having accurately. Our catalytic converter repair cost is customer friendly. In case you need to replace the catalytic converter, our experts will calculate the catalytic converter replacement cost on your behalf. We provide free written replacements or repair estimates. Due to the reputation, we have gained in West Jordan, Utah; we guarantee you will get honest service –we do not inform our clients to fix something that doesn’t need to be fixed.

    For quality catalytic converter repair and replacement services, drop by our Ace Auto repair shop in West Jordan, Utah today! Give us a call at 801-803-6016 to schedule an appointment. To view a full list of our auto repair services, click here.

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    Automobile Suspension and Front Wheel

    Steering and suspension repair and maintenance can help eliminate premature wear on your vehicle’s tires, saving you lots of money in the process. At Ace Auto in West Jordan, Utah, we specialize in auto repairs for all makes and models. When you bring your vehicle into our family-owned and operated facility, you’ll get an immediate free written estimate and a guarantee of all services. Ace Auto in West Jordan is the best place to get shocks and struts replaced. Our experienced mechanics also look at bad power steering pump symptoms. If you need car suspension repair, call us today at  801-803-6016 for a free suspension check.

    What to Expect at Your Steering and Suspension Service

    If you need steering and suspension services, our expert, ASE-certified technicians at Ace Auto will give you a complete system evaluation. We thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s shocks, struts, and springs for any signs of wear or damage. Our technicians will look at any steering or suspension parts that are not performing as intended and let you know if they are worn, damaged, or missing and need to be replaced.

    Our master mechanics will let you know if there are any other suspension repairs needed to get you back on the road safely. Replacing your parts may change your car’s existing wheel angles, so we’ll also check your wheel alignment.

    Give us a call at 801-803-6016 to schedule a suspension service in West Jordan, Utah and receive a free suspension repair estimate.

    Importance of Servicing Your Steering and Suspension

    A vehicle's steering and suspension is the part of the car that helps provide optimal ride comfort and handling. Normal road conditions can cause your shocks, struts, and springs to wear out, and that wear and tear can affect your vehicle’s stability and your control when you drive. It may also accelerate the wear to your tires—again costing you more money down the road.

    Many manufacturers suggest having your steering and suspension system checked every 50,000 miles, but if you notice any warning signs sooner than this, make sure to bring your vehicle in and our suspension mechanics will take a look.

    Signs of Common Steering and Suspension Issues

    Warning signs include:

    • Hearing a lot of noise when you drive over bumps
    • Your vehicle provides you with a shaky ride
    • You feel your auto bouncing and wandering as you drive
    • Your steering wheel is crooked or hard to turn
    • Your tires seem to be wearing unevenly
    • You notice fluid leaking from your seals

    Your steering and suspension system should not be out of control. If your car suddenly feels hard to drive, it’s time to have your suspension looked at. Having your system checked regularly, as recommended at 50,000 miles, can help you avoid unnecessary auto repairs and costs, and keep you safer on the road. But remember, if you notice problems earlier than 50,000 miles, it is better to be safe than sorry. Maintaining your steering and suspension will also keep you more comfortable on the road.

    Why Choose Ace Auto? 

    If you need a suspension check in Utah, come to Ace Auto. We offer free, written repair quotes, and guarantee all of our work. We are a family-owned and operated repair shop offering affordable services. Our car suspension cost is the lowest around! We work on all makes and models.

    Our staff is friendly, reliable, and honest—and we work efficiently, getting you back on the road as quickly as possible. We’ll never tell you something needs to be fixed if it doesn’t. We’ll keep you informed throughout the entire process, letting you know what work needs to be done and when it will be completed.

    Our mechanics are all ASE Certified; they complete continuous training to remain current with today's high-tech vehicle systems, so no matter what car you drive, or problem you have, we can fix it. We guarantee our suspension repair in West Jordan. If you’ve searched “auto suspension shop near me”, look no more! Give our car suspension shop a call 801-803-6016 to schedule your steering and suspension repair service at Ace Auto in West Jordan, Utah today!

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    Wheel Balancing Service by Master Mechanics

    If the weight of a car or truck is not evenly distributed over all four tires, driving the vehicle will cause the tires to bear uneven loads. The rotation of the tires on the axes will then cause the rate of wear on the tires to be uneven, leading to prematurely and excessively worn spots on some areas of some tires. So, each time you replace a tire on your vehicle, you need to have your tires balanced to make sure the weight of the automobile is evenly distributed.

    The uneven wearing can further cause a hazardous condition when one or more tires become so worn in some spots that there is a high risk of blowing the tire while driving at highway speed and potentially causing a serious accident. At the very least, driving on unbalanced tires can be expected to cause tires to wear out and require replacement long before the end of their normal lifespan. It can also damage the suspension, drive chain, and other costly parts. 

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    Contact Ace Auto Repair, West Jordan, UT, or use our online contact form anytime for a free wheel balancing service estimate.


    What Does Wheel Balancing Mean?

    Tire balancing (also called wheel balancing) is a process to correct unevenly distributed weight on a vehicle’s wheels. Balancing tires is important to prevent extreme tire wear, potential damage to the suspension, drivetrain components, or other issues due to the strong vibration caused by imbalanced tires.

    Why is Wheel Balancing Necessary?

    At highway speeds, even a small tire imbalance becomes a significant discrepancy in the amount of friction against some of the tire surfaces. The wheels and the tires mounted on them spin unevenly, and the consequences range from the premature need to replace tires to serious safety hazards.

    So, having your wheels balanced as needed is essential to protect your safety and the safety of other people on the roadways where you drive and to preserve the expected lifespan of your tires. Some important benefits of proper and timely wheel balancing include:

    • Avoids costly damage to your car’s suspension, wheel bearings, and tires
    • Helps prevent an auto accident due to loss of control from skidding
    • Maintains a comfortable, smooth ride in the vehicle
    • Minimizes wear on the tire tread, which reduces the frequency of need for replacement
    • Reduces risk of damage to your car’s driveline, or suspension 
    • Increases your gas mileage
    • Improves comfort for you and your passengers while riding in your car

    How Do Wheels Get Out of Balance?

    Your four tires never really bear precisely the same amount of weight on all corners of your vehicle. The three leading causes of tires that are out of balance include:

    • Flaws in manufacturing: Tires are not all produced with identical weights around their entire circumference.
    • Exposure to bad roads: Rough road surface conditions can dent or bend wheels, causing a fault in the balance of the tire.
    • Routine wear and tear: Normal wear on tires, wheels, shocks, struts, tie rods, ball joints, and related suspension parts wear out over time.

    How Do I Know if My Wheels are Out of Balance?

    There are multiple faulty wheel balancing symptoms you can identify, some of which you need to check while your car is moving. Or, you can check the tire wear while it’s parked. To determine whether your tires are out of balance, check for these indicators:

    • There is vibration in the steering wheel, seats, or floorboards.
    • The car pulls to one side, left or right.
    • The tires make screeching noise.
    • The car rocks or sways while driving.
    • Extreme wear is visible on some spots on one or more tires.

    How Do I Balance My Wheels?

    If you suspect your tires are out of balance, schedule an appointment with your auto service shop for confirmation and wheel balancing as soon as possible. Delaying service costs more due to the inevitable need for premature tire replacement, suspension issues, and potentially other adjustments, repairs, or replacements due to driving on imbalanced tires. Tire balancing involves:

    • Removing the wheel weights from the tire rims
    • Mounting the wheels on a balancing machine
    • Spinning the tires to locate the points of imbalance
    • Attaching weights to balance the uneven sides of the wheels

    Regularly inspect your tires for spots with uneven wear, especially around the edges of the tread. Take your car for tire balancing as soon as possible if you discover unevenly worn tread, or at least every 10,000 miles, or more frequently if you frequently drive on rough roads.

    Wheel Balancing vs. Wheel Alignment

    People often confuse tire balancing, also often called wheel balancing, with wheel alignment. Here’s the difference between the two types of services: 

    • Tire Balancing: This service involves adding weights to locations on the rims on which the tires are mounted, to correct imbalances between the tires. 
    • Wheel Alignment: This service involves adjusting the wheels to redirect them so that they’re all pointing in the same direction together so that the vehicle operates safely and performs properly. 

    For Wheel Balancing Service, Call Ace Auto Repair

    We provide full-scope replacements and repairs of all vehicle systems for all makes and models of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. We serve the greater Salt Lake area. After diagnosis, we never proceed with service work without our customer’s consent. Our reliable, friendly, fast-working mechanics are all ASE Certified and maintain continuous training in today’s advanced vehicle technologies. All our work is guaranteed! 

    For information about wheel balancing cost or to schedule an appointment, call Ace Auto Repair at (801) 803-6016 anytime you need us.

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    Call for Auto Emissions Test and Vehicle Safety Inspection Services Utah

    Without current license plates, you can’t legally drive your car in Utah. But, it’s easy to renew your plates. We can perform the inspection for you here at Ace Auto and provide you with “On the Spot Renewal,” which means we can give you your new stickers for your plates at the same time.

    To schedule a vehicle safety inspection, emission test, diagnostics, or repair, call the ASE-certified mechanics at Ace Auto Repair.

    Call Now

    What Do I Need To Renew My License Plates in Utah?

    To renew your registration at our auto repair shop in West Jordan, be sure to take all the following items with you:

    • Renewal notice or current Certificate of Registration
    • Your identification
    • Certificate of Inspection (if required) 
    • Emissions Test results (if required)
    • Registration renewal fees

    Safety Inspection for Vehicle Registration Renewal

    Some counties in Utah require a safety inspection and emissions test for residents to renew their vehicle registration. 

    • Emissions test: Our mechanics can perform emissions testing no more than 60 days after the due date. After this period, you must go to the DMV to renew your plates.
    • Safety Inspection: The state of Utah removed the requirement for a safety inspection on most vehicles on January, 1 2018. The following vehicles still require safety inspections to renew your registration:
      • If you have a salvage vehicle and are requesting a rebuilt title
      • If you have a street-legal ATV
      • Commercial vehicles
      • If you have a Class-6, three-axel motorhome
    • Vehicles registered in Salt Lake County with model years less than six years old are required to have an emission test once every two years. Vehicles year 1967 and older, tractors, and electric vehicles do not require a safety inspection. View more details and other counties requirements here.

    To Replace Lost Registration, License Plates, Etc.

    To replace a missing vehicle registration, lost license plates, or an illegible renewal year decal, follow the instructions on the DMV webpage. You can access the page through this link for replacing lost DMV documentation for your vehicle

    Utah Vehicle Registration Renewal Period

    Automobile registrations are in effect for one year in Utah. A few weeks before your vehicle registration expires, the Utah DMV will send you a notice through regular U.S. mail reminding you of your registration expiration date. But, you should track the date on your calendar in case you do not receive the notification due to mail issues, etc.

    On The Spot License Plates Renewal At Ace Auto Repair

    We repair and rebuild vehicles of all types, makes, models, and years. We provide affordable auto services. The Ace Auto Repair team is proud of our reliable, friendly, fast, top-quality work. All our service work is satisfaction guaranteed. 

    To schedule a vehicle inspection or safety inspection near West Jordan, call Ace Auto Repair at (801) 803-6016, or use our online contact form to request an appointment.

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    Engine Replacement & Repair Services

    We take care for your vehicle

    Is your engine in need of repairs or even a complete overhaul? That's where Ace Auto's Engine Mechanics can help you. We work on vehicles large and small, whether they're cars or trucks, our engine repair and replacement services are top notch. On top of that, we guarantee all our work!

    Call 801-803-6016 Today!

    NOTE: There are a few services that may require us to Tow your vehicle to our auto shop. We provide full location-to-location towing here in Utah so this is not a problem. We will repair your vehicle, and bring it back to you!

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