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Without current license plates, you can’t legally drive your car in Utah. But, it’s easy to renew your plates. We can perform the inspection for you here at Ace Auto and provide you with “On the Spot Renewal,” which means we can give you your new stickers for your plates at the same time.

To schedule a vehicle safety inspection, emission test, diagnostics, or repair, call the ASE-certified mechanics at Ace Auto Repair.

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What Do I Need To Renew My License Plates in Utah?

To renew your registration at our auto repair shop in West Jordan, be sure to take all the following items with you:

  • Renewal notice or current Certificate of Registration
  • Your identification
  • Certificate of Inspection (if required) 
  • Emissions Test results (if required)
  • Registration renewal fees

Safety Inspection for Vehicle Registration Renewal

Some counties in Utah require a safety inspection and emissions test for residents to renew their vehicle registration. 

  • Emissions test: Our mechanics can perform emissions testing no more than 60 days after the due date. After this period, you must go to the DMV to renew your plates.
  • Safety Inspection: The state of Utah removed the requirement for a safety inspection on most vehicles on January, 1 2018. The following vehicles still require safety inspections to renew your registration:
    • If you have a salvage vehicle and are requesting a rebuilt title
    • If you have a street-legal ATV
    • Commercial vehicles
    • If you have a Class-6, three-axel motorhome
  • Vehicles registered in Salt Lake County with model years less than six years old are required to have an emission test once every two years. Vehicles year 1967 and older, tractors, and electric vehicles do not require a safety inspection. View more details and other counties requirements here.

To Replace Lost Registration, License Plates, Etc.

To replace a missing vehicle registration, lost license plates, or an illegible renewal year decal, follow the instructions on the DMV webpage. You can access the page through this link for replacing lost DMV documentation for your vehicle

Utah Vehicle Registration Renewal Period

Automobile registrations are in effect for one year in Utah. A few weeks before your vehicle registration expires, the Utah DMV will send you a notice through regular U.S. mail reminding you of your registration expiration date. But, you should track the date on your calendar in case you do not receive the notification due to mail issues, etc.

On The Spot License Plates Renewal At Ace Auto Repair

We repair and rebuild vehicles of all types, makes, models, and years. We provide affordable auto services. The Ace Auto Repair team is proud of our reliable, friendly, fast, top-quality work. All our service work is satisfaction guaranteed. 

To schedule a vehicle inspection or safety inspection near West Jordan, call Ace Auto Repair at (801) 803-6016, or use our online contact form to request an appointment.

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