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Auto Repair and Mechanic in West Jordan, UT Service List:

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Air Conditioner Repair & Recharge Factory Scheduled Maintenance Radiators
Battery replacement Foreign Car Repair Shocks/Springs
Belts and Hoses Fuel Injection Systems Small Engine Repair & Maintenance
Brake Repair Fuel Pumps Starters & Alternators
Catalytic Converter Repair & Replacement  Steering & Suspension Axle Repair & Replacement
Clutch & Transmission Repair Head Gasket Repair Struts
Computer Systems Ignition Systems Transmission Leak Repair
Electrical Repair Mufflers / Exhaust Tune-Ups
Engine Repair Oil Changes  Water Pumps
Engine Rebuild & Replacement Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Driveline Repair

Specialty Automotive Repair Services

Brands We Service:

Acura Buick Cadillac
Chevrolet Chrysler Dodge
Ford GMC Honda
Hyundai Jeep KIA
Lexus Lincoln Mazda
Mitsubishi Nissan Subaru
Toyota Volkswagen

Frequently Asked Questions

If your car shakes when you shift gears, this is not normal. Typically, a car should ride smoothly during gear shifts. If the automatic transmission is shifting hard, jerking, or shaking, this could mean that your transmission fluids are too low. If you drive a manual car and your car shakes when you shift, it could be a sign that you have a worn-out clutch.
A high RPM does not necessarily hurt engines; however, there is a red line located on most engine RPM gauges. Try to avoid this red area, as this could cause the car to overheat. In general, try to keep your RPMs low, as this will help your gas mileage; however, a moderate RPM should not damage your engine.
If your engine is making noise in neutral, this could mean that something is wrong with your transmission. Noises such as whining, groaning, or ticking noises could mean that the bearings or gear teeth need attention.
There are several reasons why the car might be noisy when it accelerates. One of the most common is an issue with the belt. This sounds like a squealing or squeaking noise. This usually happens when the belt is worn out or loose. This loud noise could also be an issue with the exhaust system. This system is designed to take fumes from the engine and push them outside. If there is a leak in the system, it could cause the car to make noise while accelerating, which a transmission mechanic can fix.
If the car is experiencing a delay in its acceleration, there could be a few reasons why. For example, the car might have a weak fuel pump. This could be a problem with the fuel injectors. Over time, the fuel injectors might accumulate dirt or grime, causing them to function poorly. This prevents cars from accelerating quickly.
There are several reasons why the car might jerk when it’s put in reverse. While low transmission fluid could be the cause, there could also be an issue with the drivetrain or suspension slop. If the car is manual, there might be an issue with the condition of the clutch. A clutch and transmission repair shop can handle this issue.
If your car isn’t shifting as quickly as it should, there are a few possible reasons why. If the car has a manual transmission, it could be a sign that the clutch plate is worn. This could also be a sign that the transmission fluid is low, which can be handled by a transmission mechanic.
There are a few common signs that the transmission is going out. If there is a grinding or shaking sensation that takes place when the car shifts gears, this is a transmission problem. Humming, clunking, and whining are other common signs that something is wrong with the transmission and should visit a clutch and transmission repair shop immediately.
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