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Auto Repair and Mechanic in West Jordan, UT Service List:

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Alternator Repair Heater Repair Shock and Strut Repair
Air Conditioner Repair & Recharge Factory Scheduled Maintenance Radiator Repair and Replacment
Battery replacement Foreign Car Repair Axle Repair and Replacement
Belts and Hoses Fuel Injection Systems Small Engine Repair & Maintenance
Brake Repair Fuel Pumps Starters Repair Services
Catalytic Converter Repair & Replacement  Steering & Suspension Axle Repair & Replacement
Clutch & Transmission Repair Head Gasket Repair Coolant / Radiator Flush
Computer Systems Ignition Systems Transmission Leak Repair
Electrical Repair Mufflers / Exhaust Tune-Ups
Engine Repair Oil Changes Water Pumps
Engine Rebuild & Replacement Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Driveline Repair


Specialty Automotive Repair Services


What Our Customers in West Jordan, Utah are Saying

I was in Utah this summer and my transmission went out on the day I was supposed to be driving back to Kansas and these guys were a blessing on a Saturday. They got it all fixed up by the afternoon and I’m still pretty grateful for their time honesty and hard work.
William Heller
William Heller
23:56 15 Oct 20
My check engine light came on and the code indicated my catalytic converter was bad. I took my car in and Zach gave me the best quote I could find for the work, but he also said I should try a $10 fuel addative that is supposed to clean your emissions system (you can get these at any auto parts store and probably elsewhere) and that it might fox the problem. Sure enough after adding it to my gas and driving 50 miles the check engine light went off and my car is working great. Even though I didn't have service here yet I can say Zach and Ace are very trustworthy, helpful, and kind and I would definetly recommend them.
David Denning
David Denning
17:11 10 Oct 20
Honest mechanic shop! Did a great job.
Brett Campbell
Brett Campbell
17:13 08 Oct 20
Trustworthy, fair, transparent, a good value, and friendly. I relied heavily on the fantastic reviews when deciding to trust this shop for my repairs. I was not disappointed. The entire staff was lovely and never showed a ounce of frustration with my questions. Everything was explained clearly to me, recommendations were made with honest 'time frame to fix' assessments, prices were fair, repairs were done in a timely manner, and my vehicle runs like a dream again. I do not live in this area, but my adult child lives here and it is centrally located to the area in which I travel full time. I fully intend to make this amazing repair shop a 'go to' whenever I am able to plan any work I need done. A HUGE thank you to Zach who patiently answered my questions and listened to my rambling, to Jake who I almost caused to set off the alarm first thing in the morning, and to my mechanic Reuben who had a friendly smile and the skills needed to get me back on the road safely. What a great team! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
00:02 04 Oct 20
Starter went out on my almost 20 year old Explorer. A buddy I was with at the time had previously used Ace and called them up while I was calling the tow truck. This was past business hours (ended up getting towed there roughly 10pm), but they have a dropbox for after hours, so I left my keys in there (I would suggest moving the box inside and installing a mailslot-like drop off because people like me being paranoid to leave my car and keys in a box outside).I called a buddy who is a mechanic before I brought it to Ace, who quoted me JUST to fix the starter over $600 "at best". Ace did it way cheaper. Zach called me and ran down a HUGE list of things that need doing (it's an old beater), but then went back through and told me what was immediately necessary, what could wait for later on, and even what "isn't a safety issue whatsoever". He found some issues that were going to be upcoming and present problems for me in the near future that I'd have had no clue about otherwise.Ace replaced the starter wires (starter ended up being fine, but the wires completely broke), serpentine belt, fixed an oil leak, did an oil change, and replaced my wiper fluid pump motor. Diagnostics, parts, and labor for ALL of this cost less than the $600 my buddy had given me. Plus (WAY more important than price to me) they were honest, gave me options, didn't try to charge me for things I didn't need, and did all of this at a fair price.They originally estimated the car to be ready on Tuesday (I dropped it off 10pm Wednesday night, so just under a week), so it was a bit of a wait, but I will chalk that up to every shop being super busy lately. Though it was a bit longer of an estimate, they met it, gave me updates and kept me posted, and even hung around for a few extra minutes when they knew I was coming but got caught in traffic and showed up 15 minutes after closing.They're a little hard to find, as they're a pretty small building in a residential neighborhood, but I will never be bringing this beast (or my soon-to-be replacement) to anyone else.
Jeff H
Jeff H
01:43 18 Sep 20
This is a great shop. I've been coming to Ace for all my car needs for the last 4 years. Zach has been awesome to work with and I've always received excellent service.
Megan Price
Megan Price
22:17 06 Sep 20
On a trip from Nevada, and our previous car repair place had left a hose undone. They squeezed us in and got the car back to us on the same day!
Marie Haws
Marie Haws
01:42 25 Aug 20
Ace Auto is the best of the best. I was referred by a friend. Zach was awesome. Service was great fast honest and reasonable. I will refer my family and friends.
Cheryl Earl
Cheryl Earl
02:18 16 Aug 20
I came in for an oil change and to have them check on the condition of my Mazda. They gave me a realistic time frame of how long it would take and explained step by step what they were doing and why. I didn't feel like they we're trying to price gouge me like most auto repair companies do. Good people 👌
16:57 10 Aug 20
Ace was able to get me in and out in one day. They were up front and honest and did great work. I just moved here and am glad that I found a new place that I can trust!!
Ciara Petersen
Ciara Petersen
16:12 10 Aug 20
Brought my van in to get the rear shocks fixed. Runs smoothly. Also got the AC blasting that much needed cold air during this hot summer. Affordable prices! Thanks Zach! Definitely recommend you guys!
Rodney Mulitalo
Rodney Mulitalo
15:53 21 Jul 20
I had multiple problems with my vehicle. They were able to fix everything in a timely matter. I greatly appreciate the hard work that they put in to my vehicle.
Ryan McCann
Ryan McCann
18:08 05 Jul 20
They answered all of my questions and didn't push for expensive repairs.
James McPherson
James McPherson
13:56 18 Jun 20
Easy to work very professional will return every time
Adam Jensen
Adam Jensen
17:29 04 Jun 20
They were unable to fix my issue, so called in a specialist that was also unable to take care of it. Ace did not charge me anything, but the specialist still did-nearly $300 for nothing. Ended up going to the dealer that was able to fix it. Called Ace back a little frustrated we had been charged for no successful work. They reached out to the specialist and got us refunded. Very appreciative of that, but feel like it should have happened in the first place without us asking.
Kelly Bird
Kelly Bird
21:41 31 May 20
I've had alot of work done from these guys, including two engine swaps. Solid work and very knowledgeable mechanics. I would not hesitate to come here for any type of repairs.
Jacob Sopko
Jacob Sopko
16:38 31 May 20
Jake, Zach & the crew take great care of our family's cars. From routine maintenance to complicated repairs, they've made sure we get exactly what we need in a fair, honest and reliable way. I highly recommend Ace Auto!
Keith Radke
Keith Radke
20:41 30 May 20
10/10 would come back again.
Vinh Tran
Vinh Tran
22:45 29 May 20
Started with most sensible, cheapest repair first to try to save money. In the end, it cost more than expected, but with high quality parts, service, and customer relations. Took time to give me pointers on what could do for myself.For your truck mechanic needs, come here. They know what they're doing.
Oliver Brown
Oliver Brown
16:18 29 May 20
Professional technicians. They know their stuff. You will not be disappointed with their work and efficiency
Matt Tanner
Matt Tanner
17:18 19 May 20
Ace Auto is the best place to get reliable, quality, and trustworthy work done on your vehicle. I’ve been going to this shop for years and they never disappoint! It’s been such a relief to have found the best mechanic shop that I can rely on to take good care of my cars. Thank you Ace Auto!
JaTem Christensen
JaTem Christensen
02:46 14 May 20
Got rear breaks and routers fixed! Thank you. Great service. Friendly staff. We appreciate everything.
Irish Grrl
Irish Grrl
20:37 11 May 20
Zach at Ace Auto did a great job on my car. He even did some research on a problem that I was asking about so that he could help me even more with my car.
17:55 07 May 20
I love Ace Auto, they were patient with me while I found the right engine replacement for my car and then they replaced both my sun visors for free. Zach is especially awesome, he is the kind of person that bothers to remember your name. It’s a very personable experience getting work done there.
Adam Mellor
Adam Mellor
18:18 24 Apr 20
They explained everything to me, told me what they would need to do and the price before doing it. Very honest and helpful! Definitely going back there!
Sarah Leigh
Sarah Leigh
19:10 15 Apr 20
These guys always do a great job. Zack is knowledgeable and professional, and is always upfront about repairs, cost, etc. They are my go-to for maintenance.
Trevor Grover
Trevor Grover
19:39 11 Apr 20

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Chevrolet Chrysler Dodge
Ford GMC Honda
Hyundai Jeep KIA
Lexus Lincoln Mazda
Mitsubishi Nissan Subaru
Toyota Volkswagen



Frequently Asked Questions

If your car shakes when you shift gears, this is not normal. Typically, a car should ride smoothly during gear shifts. If the automatic transmission is shifting hard, jerking, or shaking, this could mean that your transmission fluids are too low. If you drive a manual car and your car shakes when you shift, it could be a sign that you have a worn-out clutch.
A high RPM does not necessarily hurt engines; however, there is a red line located on most engine RPM gauges. Try to avoid this red area, as this could cause the car to overheat. In general, try to keep your RPMs low, as this will help your gas mileage; however, a moderate RPM should not damage your engine.
If your engine is making noise in neutral, this could mean that something is wrong with your transmission. Noises such as whining, groaning, or ticking noises could mean that the bearings or gear teeth need attention.
There are several reasons why the car might be noisy when it accelerates. One of the most common is an issue with the belt. This sounds like a squealing or squeaking noise. This usually happens when the belt is worn out or loose. This loud noise could also be an issue with the exhaust system. This system is designed to take fumes from the engine and push them outside. If there is a leak in the system, it could cause the car to make noise while accelerating, which a transmission mechanic can fix.
If the car is experiencing a delay in its acceleration, there could be a few reasons why. For example, the car might have a weak fuel pump. This could be a problem with the fuel injectors. Over time, the fuel injectors might accumulate dirt or grime, causing them to function poorly. This prevents cars from accelerating quickly.
There are several reasons why the car might jerk when it’s put in reverse. While low transmission fluid could be the cause, there could also be an issue with the drivetrain or suspension slop. If the car is manual, there might be an issue with the condition of the clutch. A clutch and transmission repair shop can handle this issue.
If your car isn’t shifting as quickly as it should, there are a few possible reasons why. If the car has a manual transmission, it could be a sign that the clutch plate is worn. This could also be a sign that the transmission fluid is low, which can be handled by a transmission mechanic.
There are a few common signs that the transmission is going out. If there is a grinding or shaking sensation that takes place when the car shifts gears, this is a transmission problem. Humming, clunking, and whining are other common signs that something is wrong with the transmission and should visit a clutch and transmission repair shop immediately.
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