The axle is the connecting shaft between your vehicle's tires and is responsible for transmitting power from the differential or transmission to the wheel hub. For your safety and the safety of others, it is important to take your car, truck or SUV to a trusted local repair shop if you hear a mechanical grinding noise or experience a vibration while driving.

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CV Axle

Your vehicle is equipped with either straight axles or constant velocity (CV) axles. While the way you drive either increases or decreases the axle's service life, a typical CV axle will last between 80,000 to 100,000. Solid axles, typically found on pickup trucks and a few SUVs, can go their entire service life on just one set of bearings. The most common causes of axle failure are loss of lubrication and impact with a curb. Axle failure may cause a vibration while driving and a wheel bearing failure will cause the axle and bearing to make a grinding noise and may also cause vibrations in the brake pedal and steering wheel. Driving with a faulty axle or wheel bearing is dangerous If you feel your vehicle is unstable, stop driving it and have it repaired as soon as possible.

How Does a Front Axle Operate?

Front drive axles have splines that mesh with the hub and bearing assembly and your vehicle's differential to control the wheel direction through steering. To withstand carrying the weight of the vehicle, the front drive axle is made of very strong metal. A CV axle operates with articulating heads at both ends to allow the wheels to move independent of the differential in any direction. In comparison, a straight axle spins inside of a housing tube where the differential is located. To allow the wheel to turn, the front axle must bend using a universal joint.

How is a Front CV Axle Problem Diagnosed?

Your local, trusted mechanic will begin the diagnosis process with a visual inspection and a test drive. We will also assess the free play of the wheels to determine the extent of a failed wheel bearing. If failure or damage of any of the following components is identified as damaged or compromised, replacements will be installed after removing the necessary components to gain access to the axle and transmission or differential. 

  • CV Axles
  • CV Gears
  • CV Boot
  • CV Axle

How Are Straight Axle Issues Located?

A straight axle and will be examined by moving the wheels by hand and removing the axle. If there is damage at the points where the bearings meet the axle, they will both be replaced. If a warped straight axle is suspected, a straight edge will be used to diagnose the severity of the bend. After removing the necessary components, the new axles are installed, the differential is cleaned for inspection and resealed. 

The most important thing you can do to ensure your axle remains in good repair is to change the differential oil. The professional mechanics with Ace Auto in West Jordan recommend that you strictly following your vehicle manufacturer's maintenance schedule for changing the differential oil. Call us today at  801-447-1693 to schedule your hassle-free factory-scheduled maintenance in Utah.

Reliable Axle Service in Salt Lake City, Utah

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