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Clutch & Transmission - What They Are, How They Work

Manual transmission repair Gearbox and Clutch Cross SectionClutch - Basically, a clutch is essential in a vehicle with a manual transmission for changing gears; it engages or disengages all of the moving parts in the drive shaft. The engine in your car spins continuously when the engine is turned on, but the wheels don't. Because of this, it is necessary to disconnect the wheels from the engine in order to bring a manual transmission vehicle to a stop without the engine dying.

Transmission - In order for you to drive your vehicle at a certain speed, the wheels have to have power. This is the job of the transmission, which shifts gears and supplies the power to the wheels. In a manual transmission vehicle, the engine and transmission are disconnected when you push in the clutch to change gears. In an automatic transmission vehicle, the transmission shifts gears for you.

Clutch Repair: Common Clutch Problems

There are several issues that are fairly common with clutches. These issues include:

  • A clutch that "sticks." When you push the clutch to the floor and it fails to return to its normal position, it indicates a problem that may require replacement of an external seal on the slave cylinder or clutch master.
  • A clutch that "slips." Often times when your vehicle fails to move as it normally would or doesn't move at all, it indicates the clutch pedal needs adjustment or is worn. Clutches wear out over time, and may eventually require replacement.
  • Gears not shifting smoothly. If you find it difficult to shift gears, it could indicate the clutch needs to be replaced. Problems shifting gears may be a sign of an electrical problem, or indicate wear/damage of an internal or external transmission component.
  • Squealing, clicking, snapping, or other noise. When you hear excessive noises that are unusual, it could signal that the bearings need to be replaced, or the clutch linkage needs lubricating.

Transmission Repair: Common Transmission Problems

While clutches and transmissions often share the same noises, there are still problems that are unique to transmissions which can be overlooked if the clutch is working fine. These problems include:

  • Gear slippage
  • Humming, whining, clunking, or other strange noises
  • Check engine light comes on
  • Vehicle doesn't go into the proper gear immediately upon shifting
  • When in neutral, the transmission makes noise
  • Transmission fluid is low or leaking
  • Grinding noise upon shifting gears, or shaking of your vehicle
  • Burning odor, typically caused by overheated transmission fluid
  • Difficulty changing gears due to dragging clutch - this is usually due to excess slack in the clutch pedal

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