Head Gasket Repair in West Jordan, Utah by Ace Auto RepairIf you're in need of having your head gasket repaired, you need to look no further than Ace's Auto Repair, located in West Jordan, Utah. We can fix your head gasket, and we offer competitive rates. We employ servicemen that are experienced and certified, and we are able to repair every sort of vehicle in every make and model. This includes:

  • SUVs
  • Trucks
  • Vans
  • Cars

How a Head Gasket Works

As part of your vehicle's internal combustion engine, both oil and coolant play an integral role in the functioning of your automobile, and it is vital that these both be kept separate from each other. The head gasket acts as a seal, and it is situated between the engine block and the cylinder head. It is important that the oil and coolant remain in their own channels and that they don't leak into the combustion chamber, out of the engine altogether, or into each other's chambers.

Your engine's head gasket is continually subject to contrasting temperatures and conditions. It is exposed to the heat that is produced in the combustion chamber, and it is subject to the cold that is produced by the components that are designed to keep your vehicle cool. It is shaped like a panel with one circle for every cylinder that the engine houses. This environment of extremes can sometimes cause your head gasket to warp, and if left untended, this can cause your head gasket to blow.

How to Know When a Head Gasket Needs Repair

It is crucial that you be able to recognize the signs and symptoms that you're dealing with a blown head gasket.

These can include:

  • An engine that has begun to overheat and that does so after running only a few moments
  • Oil that is tinged with coolant, giving it a milky appearance
  • Coolant that has begun to leak externally from beneath the exhaust manifold
  • Losing coolant without being able to trace the source of the leak
  • Exhaust gasses have a white tint to them when the car is started or when at idle for a period of time
  • Your radiator needing to be continually topped off
  • Your engine performing sluggishly
  • Finnding bubbles upon examining your vehicle's radiator compartment, which is best observed by removing the cap, starting up the car, and revving the engine.
  • Spark plugs will have a tint of whatever color your coolant happens to be

It is always best to get a diagnosis from your technician if you should happen to see any of the aforementioned signs and symptoms, as your head gasket will only get worse as times goes on.

What Makes a Head Gasket Break Down?

The job of a head gasket requires it to be under a severe amount of pressure. The stresses of everyday driving can take their toll, as can an overheated engine. If your coolant levels were below par and it caused your engine to overheat, this could cause enough strain to blow your gasket.

This can then lead to:

  • A drop in your car's performance due to the leakage of your engine's combustion gasses
  • Lower coolant levels due to leaks that then cause your car to overheat

Quality Technicians Providing Head Gasket Repair in West Jordan Utah

You can come to Ace Auto Repair in West Jordan Utah for all of your exhaust and muffler-related needs. Our technicians are certified, experienced, and knowledgeable, and we offer our services at an affordable price.

Contact Ace Auto Repair online to fill out our form for a free quote or to make an appointment. Feel free to give us a call at 801-447-1693 for a free repair quote today!

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