Head Gasket - Subaru Head Gasket Repair in West Jordan - Ace Auto RepairIf you are a Subaru owner or thinking about purchasing one, there is a good chance that you have heard about the potential for issues with the head gasket. A properly operating head gasket is extremely important for

  • having a smooth-running vehicle,
  • avoiding major damage to other parts of the vehicle,
  • and, most importantly, keeping you and your passengers safe.

Every Subaru car from 1990 until today has this issue, which generally shows up when the car reaches about 100,000 miles. If you suspect your Subaru is in need of a gasket repair, please contact the experts at Ace Auto Utah for a free estimate.

What is a Head Gasket?

A head gasket is a mechanical seal located between the engine block and cylinder head of an engine. The head gasket prevents oil or coolant from leaking into the cylinders while also ensuring maximum compression. Unfortunately, many Subaru owners often have to deal with the issues surrounding a failing head gasket.

Here are some of the most common problems Subaru owners face:

  • The most common issue owners may see with a failed gasket is external oil leaking toward the back cylinder head.
  • The second most common and more serious issue associated with a failed head gasket is coolant leaking. This issue requires an urgent repair. This can lead to battery corrosion and can cause your vehicle to overheat regularly.

Signs of a Blown Head Gasket

Here are some of the telltale signs that may mean your Subaru has issues with its head gasket. If you notice any of the following, we recommend you schedule an appointment with a professional to take a look immediately as delaying a repair can make the problem worse.

  • When you first start the engine, and it runs roughly for a few minutes. This will typically happen when the car has been sitting overnight if you have a gasket issue.
  • Another common sign is white smoke coming out of the tailpipe. This occurs when the coolant is leaking into the combustion chamber. You may also notice this smoke smells a little “sweet.”
  • Finally, if your engine is overheating often, there is a good chance that you have an issue with the gasket.

If you find yourself with a broken gasket don't lose all hope, due to the numerous issues Subaru owners face, our auto repair experts have become very good at performing repairs that resolve the issue using proven and effective methods. Here are some of the common repairs we use to fix the broken gasket.

  • In some circumstances, a leaking gasket can be repaired using a gasket sealer that will seal off the leak. This fix can typically be applied when it is a small leak. If you wait too long to see a professional, the leak will become a more serious problem and you will need to turn to additional measures to fix the gasket.
  • If the problem cannot be corrected with a chemical sealant, then you may have to consider replacing the head gasket. Replacing a gasket is an extremely labor intensive job, so it is important to entrust it to a reputable auto repair shop.

Let Ace Auto Handle Your Subaru Head Gasket Repair

If you suspect your Subaru may have damage to its head gasket, we recommend you have it looked at right away. If the damage is small, there may be an option to avoid replacing it right away. The longer you wait, the higher the likelihood of a full replacement being needed. Contact Ace Auto at 801-803-6016 or fill out our online form. We are a family-owned business, serving the Salt Lake County from a convenient West Jordan location. We are happy to provide you with a free estimate, and all of our work is guaranteed.

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