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Signs Your Car Needs Ignition Repair or Replacement

The ignition system of a car generates a high voltage and transmits it to every spark plug. This ignites the mixture of fuel and air in the combustion chambers of the engine. A proper functioning ignition system is a necessity for all cars. It is, therefore, important to always look out for any problems and get car ignition repair if necessary. Some reasons you may be experiencing problems with your ignition is that you have a damaged lock cylinder, old or damaged key, dirt trapped in the mechanism or ignition failure.

If you notice these other following symptoms, you may need a car ignition repair.

  • Car Suddenly Stalling While Driving

    Does your car stall while driving? This is one of the earliest signs of trouble. It is dangerous since you may easily get rear-ended, especially when in traffic. When you are driving and the ignition switch fails, the supply of power to the fuel and ignition systems is interrupted. This is what causes your car to stall. You need a car ignition switch repair to fix the problem. Ignition switch repair cost depends on the auto repair shop. Our mechanics at Ace Auto provide affordable ignition repairs West Jordan, Utah. Note that other factors such as bad electrical wiring, fuel pressure problems and a bad battery may also cause a car to stall.

  • Difficulty In Powering The Accessories

    An ignition system that is fully functional should be able to power on accessories. If you have trouble powering accessories, then your car may need ignition switch replacement.

  • Car Failing To Start

    If you notice that your car is taking unusually long or completely failing to start, you most likely need to replace ignition switch. It is usually as a result of a corroded part in the electrical circuit. You may also need an ignition lock cylinder repair.

  • Key Failing To Turn

    If your key will not turn in the ignition, you obviously have a problem. It most likely means that the ignition switch is unable to make the electrical pathway necessary to transfer power from the battery to the starter motor. You will also realize that the starter motor produces no noise. Since the car can’t start if the key cannot be turned, you will need to get your ignition checked as soon as possible.

  • Dead Battery

    A dead battery may be a sign of a bad ignition relay. A relay with an internal short keeps transferring power to the fuel and ignition system even the key is removed. Because current is continuously drawn, the battery eventually dies.

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At Ace Auto, we are a family owned and operated auto repair shop in West Jordan, Utah that repairs and offers car ignition replacement for sedans, SUVs, vans and trucks of local and foreign models. We offer our services in West Jordan, Utah and the neighboring greater Salt Lake area. You can trust that our services are affordable and we are always honest with our clients about the issues their car has. We provide all the necessary information and will never lie about what needs to be fixed just to make profits. Our staff members are professional, friendly, trustworthy and dependable. Our master mechanics always prioritize the needs of clients. All our mechanics are certified by the Automotive Service Excellence. This means we have the necessary training and skills to handle even high tech vehicle systems. Visit Ace Auto today in our West Jordan, Utah offices for free written repair estimates and fast service. Contact us at (801) 803-6016 to schedule an appointment today.

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