Shocks and Struts of Modern Car - Shocks and Struts Repair & Replacement in West Jordan, Utah

Your car’s tires play an important role in stopping, maintaining solid gas mileage, and handling wet roads. In order for your tires to do their job, your vehicle has to have solid shocks and struts. The shocks and struts play a major role in keeping your car’s tires in proper contact with the road. It is important for you to understand the vital role your shocks play in your car’s safety and handling.

It is critical for you to make sure that your shocks and struts are working properly because this impacts the safety and handling of your ride. 

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What Do Shocks and Struts Do?

The vehicle’s shocks are the individual components of the suspension system while the struts are an important structural component of the car’s chassis. Overall, the shocks and struts play key roles in the steering, stopping, and stability of the car. Your shocks and struts play an important role in a variety of tasks, including:

  • Car struts provide resistance when the vehicle bounces, rolls, and sways
  • A shock absorbed car help brace the car when it accelerates and brakes, maintaining a balanced ride
  • Struts and shocks are essential for making sure the car handles well
  • Shocks and Struts ensure that there is a consistent, firm, and direct load placed on the tires, keeping the car steady
  • The shocks and struts ensure the wheels are properly aligned
  • Without proper shocks and struts, the tires may not wear evenly and various components of the suspension system may degrade prematurely

These are a few of the most important tasks that the shocks and struts of a car perform. It is important for everyone to note some of the most common signs that something is wrong with the shocks and struts of a car.

Signs that the Shocks and Struts Might Be Damaged

Your shocks and struts are your key ingredient for a safe and smooth comfortable ride. Here are some additional signs your vehicle may need shocks and struts.

Visual Signs:

If you're wondering when to replace your shocks and struts, take examine your vehicle for signs of problems. If there are noticeable fluid leaks; if the shocks, struts or mounts look dented or damaged; or if your tires show unusual wear patterns, like cupping, it may be time to replace them.

Vehicle Handling:

It can be hard to tell when to replace your struts, but if you have poor steering response, stiffness or noise when steering; have instability when braking; or swaying/leaning while turning or changing lanes, it's probably time for new struts and shocks.


Testing has shown that at around 30,000 miles, original equipment shocks and struts may be worn to the point of needing replacing (depending on vehicle and driving conditions). Your owners' manual will also tell you when your shocks should be changed - it's usually between 15,000 and 30,000 miles.

The Bumps in the Road Are Excessive:

If the ride feels a bit rougher than unusual, then this is a side that the shocks and struts are a bit worn down and must be replaced. If a small pothole makes the car bounce, the suspension system needs to be checked. You can get a closer look at the suspension system by carrying out the bounce test. With the car parked, press down on the front end and then release. If the car bounces more than three times, the shocks or struts might need to be replaced.

One Corner of the Car Sits Lower than the Others:

If your car is sitting on level ground but one corner sits lower than the rest, there could be a damaged shock absorbed in that location. A blown shock might be causing the spring to compress in that specific area. This causes the corner to sit lower than the rest. This will also impact how your car reacts under poor road conditions.

Call Ace Auto Repair for Shock and Strut Repair in West Jordan, UT

If you still having problems and not sure when to replace your struts and shocks, stop by Ace Auto Repair. For diagnostics on your shocks and struts, our expert technicians can help you determine which service you need and when you need it. Ace Auto Repair gives you the best quality parts and ensures you the best quality work by our ASE expert technicians.

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