Shocks and Struts Repair in West Jordan, UT

When to check or change your shocks & struts?

With Ace Auto we have tips for you. Your shocks and struts is your key ingredient for a safe and smooth comfortable ride. Here are some additional signs your vehicle may need shocks and struts.


Shocks-Struts_016617023_croppedVisual Signs:

If you're wondering when to replace your shocks and struts, take examine your vehicle for signs of problems. If there are noticeable fluid leaks; if the shocks, struts or mounts look dented or damaged; or if your tires show unusual wear patterns, like cupping, it may be time to replace them.





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It can be hard to tell when to replace your struts, but if you experience a generally bumpy or shaky ride; have poor steering response, stiffness or noise when steering; have instability when braking; or swaying/leaning while turning or changing lanes, it's probably time for new struts and shocks.



Testing has shown that at around 30,000 miles, original equipment shocks and struts may be worn to the point of needing replacing (depending on vehicle and driving conditions). Your owners' manual will also tell you when your shocks should be changed - it's usually between 15,000 and 30,000 miles.




If you still having problems and not sure when to replace your struts and shocks, stop by Ace Auto. For a free diagnostics on your shocks and struts our expert technicians can help you determine which service you need and when you need it. Ace Auto gives you the best quality parts and insures you the best quality work by our ASE expert technicians.