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A defective fuel pump does not necessarily mean a costly replacement; often the fuel pump will not fail completely. In fact, modern vehicles have several components that can disable a fuel pump. It is important to have a trusted, licensed mechanic pinpoint the problem to prevent needless replacement. Ace Auto Repair can accurately diagnose and provide fuel pump repair in Utah throughout the Salt Lake Valley.

What Does the Fuel Pump Do?

Your vehicle's fuel pump is the heart of the fuel pump module – it is responsible for pumping gas from the tank to the engine. As a pump deteriorates, you will notice that your vehicle is not running smoothly or will not start at all. When you start your vehicle and when it's running the fuel pump is drawing fuel from the gas tank and moving it through the injection system.

Signs of a Bad Fuel Pump

A faulty fuel pump can cause some or all of the 7 issues listed below:

  • Whining noise coming from the back of the vehicle. The noise can be caused by low fuel, impurities in the fuel or a faulty fuel pump.
  • Lack of power while hauling or under a heavy load. Your vehicle will probably sound smooth idling but act sluggish when you accelerate.
  • Check engine light showing a lean code. A lean condition occurs when the engine is receiving too much air or too little fuel.
  • Your vehicle is hard to start. A damaged fuel pump will interrupt the air/fuel ratio and cause the need to crank the engine longer or repeatedly to start.
  • The engine stalls while running. Loss of power while driving can mean fuel pump malfunction; delaying fuel from igniting in the cylinders.
  • A vehicle that will not start. Listen for an electric whir noise when you turn the key. If you do not hear it, then you may have a fuel pump failure.
  • Poor Fuel Economy. Both clogged filters and a malfunctioning fuel pump can trigger a drop in fuel pressure and cause a noticeable decrease in fuel efficiency.

Check the Connections First

Increased amperage caused by a worn pump can burn connectors inside the fuel pump. A careful check of the connections to replace burned connectors and harnesses will prevent a needless replacement. Be aware that the fuel pump will fail completely if burned connectors are not replaced.

Prevent Fuel Pump Problems

Ace Auto recommends that you keep your gas tank above 1/4 full to protect the fuel pump and prevent problems. The weight of the fuel regulates the pressure and flow through the pump as it cools and lubricates internal components. When your tank is low on fuel, the pump works harder with less cooling. Frequent low fuel will contribute to fuel pump failure and running out of gas, even once, can permanently damage your fuel pump.

Ace Auto to the Rescue! Fuel Pump Repair in West Jordan, Utah

If you suspect your fuel pump is causing your car trouble, let the expert mechanics at Ace Auto Repair in West Jordan, Utah diagnose and repair your faulty fuel pump. We provide preventative maintenance, vehicle repairs, and part replacement. We will even tow your vehicle to our shop, complete all repairs and deliver it back to you. Contact us today for a FREE Repair Quote.

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