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Here are some very brief definitions of terms to introduce you to industry vocabulary used by your auto repair and maintenance specialists to refer to vehicle parts and service procedures:

A/C Compressor

The pump in an automobile air conditioning system that increases the refrigerant pressure.

A/C Drain Hose

The hose in the air conditioning system that drains condensation from the evaporator component.


Anti Lock Braking System: A computerized braking system designed to prevent brakes from seizing up and causing tires to skid due to sudden braking.

Accelerator Pedal Linkage

The linkage from a vehicle’s gas pedal to the carburetor or throttle body.

Adaptive Cruise Control

A cruise control system enhanced with radar or laser sensors that trigger the vehicle to reduce speed or stop automatically to avoid a front-end collision.

Adjustable Suspension

A suspension system that enables the driver to adjust settings to control the firmness of the vehicle’s suspension to meet various road conditions, driving options, comfort preferences.

Active Suspension

More sophisticated than adjustable suspension, this technology uses computer-controlled power-driven actuators vs. traditional shocks and springs, to position each wheel ideally for loads and road disruptions.

Aftermarket Part

Replacement auto parts that are not produced by the manufacturer of the vehicle’s original components.

Air Conditioner Refrigerant

A liquid that flows through automobile air conditioning coils to cool air moving past them and thereby produces cold air.

Air Conditioning Filter

A filter that blocks air contaminants from entering a vehicle’s ventilation system.

Air Filter

A filter for removing dirt and particulates from the air that is being taken into an engine to mix with fuel for combustion.

Air Pollution Score

The score between 0 and 10 assessed by the EPA for each new automobile to quantify the amount of air pollutants generated during a simulated driving test conducted in a laboratory.

Anti Lock Brake

A brake that functions by a reinforced hose that carries pressurized hydraulic fluid in an antilock brake system.


Antifreeze is the liquid engine coolant that is used by mixing it with water in your vehicle radiator to help maintain a more steady engine temperature during very cold external temperatures.

Automatic Transmission Filter

A filter for removing contaminants from a vehicle’s transmission fluid as the pressurized fluid is pumped through it.

Automatic Transmission

A transmission type designed with gears and clutches and other parts that work to change gears automatically while driving a vehicle instead of manually.

Automatic Transmission Bands

Adjustable circular steel bands in an automatic transmission (lined with organic friction material) that tighten around a drum and stop its rotation during the process of shifting gears.

Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler Hose

Tubes that transfer transmission fluid to and from an oil cooler or heat exchanger for an automobile transmission.

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