Automobile Suspension and Front Wheel

Steering and suspension repair and maintenance can help eliminate premature wear on your vehicle’s tires, saving you lots of money in the process. At Ace Auto in West Jordan, Utah, we specialize in auto repairs for all makes and models. When you bring your vehicle into our family-owned and operated facility, you’ll get an immediate free written estimate and a guarantee of all services. Ace Auto in West Jordan is the best place to get shocks and struts replaced. Our experienced mechanics also look at bad power steering pump symptoms. If you need car suspension repair, call us today at  801-803-6016 for a free suspension check.

What to Expect at Your Steering and Suspension Service

If you need steering and suspension services, our expert, ASE-certified technicians at Ace Auto will give you a complete system evaluation. We thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s shocks, struts, and springs for any signs of wear or damage. Our technicians will look at any steering or suspension parts that are not performing as intended and let you know if they are worn, damaged, or missing and need to be replaced.

Our master mechanics will let you know if there are any other suspension repairs needed to get you back on the road safely. Replacing your parts may change your car’s existing wheel angles, so we’ll also check your wheel alignment.

Give us a call at 801-803-6016 to schedule a suspension service in West Jordan, Utah and receive a free suspension repair estimate.

Importance of Servicing Your Steering and Suspension

A vehicle's steering and suspension is the part of the car that helps provide optimal ride comfort and handling. Normal road conditions can cause your shocks, struts, and springs to wear out, and that wear and tear can affect your vehicle’s stability and your control when you drive. It may also accelerate the wear to your tires—again costing you more money down the road.

Many manufacturers suggest having your steering and suspension system checked every 50,000 miles, but if you notice any warning signs sooner than this, make sure to bring your vehicle in and our suspension mechanics will take a look.

Signs of Common Steering and Suspension Issues

Warning signs include:

  • Hearing a lot of noise when you drive over bumps
  • Your vehicle provides you with a shaky ride
  • You feel your auto bouncing and wandering as you drive
  • Your steering wheel is crooked or hard to turn
  • Your tires seem to be wearing unevenly
  • You notice fluid leaking from your seals

Your steering and suspension system should not be out of control. If your car suddenly feels hard to drive, it’s time to have your suspension looked at. Having your system checked regularly, as recommended at 50,000 miles, can help you avoid unnecessary auto repairs and costs, and keep you safer on the road. But remember, if you notice problems earlier than 50,000 miles, it is better to be safe than sorry. Maintaining your steering and suspension will also keep you more comfortable on the road.

Why Choose Ace Auto? 

If you need a suspension check in Utah, come to Ace Auto. We offer free, written repair quotes, and guarantee all of our work. We are a family-owned and operated repair shop offering affordable services. Our car suspension cost is the lowest around! We work on all makes and models.

Our staff is friendly, reliable, and honest—and we work efficiently, getting you back on the road as quickly as possible. We’ll never tell you something needs to be fixed if it doesn’t. We’ll keep you informed throughout the entire process, letting you know what work needs to be done and when it will be completed.

Our mechanics are all ASE Certified; they complete continuous training to remain current with today's high-tech vehicle systems, so no matter what car you drive, or problem you have, we can fix it. We guarantee our suspension repair in West Jordan. If you’ve searched “auto suspension shop near me”, look no more! Give our car suspension shop a call 801-803-6016 to schedule your steering and suspension repair service at Ace Auto in West Jordan, Utah today!

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