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Why Do Transmissions Fail?

An automatic transmission is built to last for about 7 years or around 150,000 - 200,000 miles on average. But, this depends on many other factors such as how well the car's transmission was maintained, including if the transmission fluid was kept at proper levels and if the owner performed an occasional tranny system flush. You can expect a manual transmission to last much longer, but after years of incorrect operation of the clutch and gears, you can expect a manual transmission to require transmission repair services even earlier.

Transmission problems can happen much earlier in the life of an automobile, especially if there was a hidden manufacturer's defect during machining production or final assembly. And finally, any vehicle can start showing signs of a failing transmission that are a result of owner driving habits or neglect, including:

  • Shifting gears before the car is fully stopped
  • Ignoring the early signs of transmission problems
  • Heavy towing beyond the car's rated capacity
  • Running low or using the wrong transmission fluid
  • Not completing the regularly scheduled maintenance

Any of these practices can damage your transmission to the point where the car will require additional drivetrain repair services.

Common Transmission Problems

A transmission is a very complex mechanical component of your car's drivetrain, and without it, your car will not move forward or backward. If you are experiencing transmission slippage or problems putting your car into gear, a transmission repair and service expert will be needed to diagnose and fix the problem.
Early diagnosis of a transmission problem is key to preventing a more serious and more costly repair. Some of the most common problems with either automatic or manual transmissions include:

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  • Your clutch is sticking when trying to shift gears
  • The transmission slips or shudders when changing gears
  • Any noises or vibrations while shifting gears
  • Affordable Transmission Repair in West Jordan, Utah

    Is the transmission on your car slipping or is it having difficulty changing gears? These could be signs that your vehicle's transmission needs maintenance or repair. We at Ace Auto Repair in West Jordan, UT are transmission repair geniuses! We guarantee we can fix your transmission and get you up and running in no time. We take pride in offering every customer fast, friendly, reliable and honest services. Our mechanics are ASE Certified (automotive service excellence) means that our automotive technicians go through continuous training to remain current with today's high tech vehicle systems.

    Call Ace Auto Repair In West Jordan, Utah at 801-803-6016 for a Free Quote Today!

    If you are not in the West Jordan, UT area and have any signs of a slipping transmission, Ace Auto Repair can get a tow truck to move your Car, SUV, Truck or RV, give us a call today!

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