Ace Auto Repair offers quality exhaust and muffler repair at an affordable rate. Be sure to stop by West Jordan, Utah location for an inspection by a trusted, certified auto technician. We repair all makes and models of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs.

Car Exhaust - Affordable Automotive exhaust and Car muffler replacement

Here is a closer look at our muffler and exhaust repair services.

Car Exhaust Specialist in West Jordan, Utah

The exhaust system in a vehicle includes the catalytic converter and the main emission control device, transporting exhaust fumes to the back of the vehicle. This is essential to the operation of the vehicles computer control system and helps to suppress the sound of the exhaust.

Unfortunately, if your exhaust system is damaged, it can be dangerous to the environment, as well as your vehicle. Catalytic converter problems, stuck valves, pinholes, and loose brackets in the exhaust system may allow carbon monoxide to leak into the vehicle, which can have deadly results.

At Ace Auto Repair, our experienced experts provide the high-quality exhaust and muffler repairs you require for a price you can afford. Take the time to stop in at our location in West Jordan, Utah to have a certified, experienced auto technician inspect your exhaust system today.

The Muffler and Exhaust System – What You Need to Know

Your vehicle’s exhaust system ensures your engine is running correctly, reduces polluting emissions, improves fuel efficiency, and keeps toxic exhaust fumes from infiltrating your vehicle’s cabin. Routine muffler and exhaust system maintenance not only keeps engine noise at a minimum, it also keeps you protected from carbon dioxide and/or carbon monoxide fumes. Regular maintenance also helps to reduce pollution.

Top Signs Your Vehicle Needs Exhaust or Muffler Repairs

Since damage to your exhaust system can be dangerous to vehicle occupants and the environment, it is important to know when it is time to have repairs completed. Over time, normal road conditions and climate may wear, damage, or break a vehicle’s exhaust components. Come into Ace Auto repair if you notice any of the following signs your vehicle may need exhaust or muffler repairs:

  • You notice vibrations in the vehicle
  • The vehicle is noticeably louder
  • Sudden decrease in the vehicle’s fuel efficiency
  • Sound of rumbling coming from the vehicle’s exhaust pipe
  • The check engine light comes on
  • Sudden loss of power
  • Any rattling sound

Ace Auto – Visit Today for Your Muffler and Exhaust Repair Needs in West Jordan, Utah

Our comprehensive muffler and exhaust system service involves a complete inspection of all of your vehicle’s exhaust components, as well as replacing any missing, malfunctioning, or broken exhaust parts. This service also includes:

  • Replacement of any oxygen sensors that are rusted
  • Gasket replacement
  • Replacement of any needed system parts, replacement of hangers, and cutting and welding of the parts
  • If catalytic converter has failed, engine diagnostic

If your vehicle shows any signs of muffler or exhaust system damage, or if you simply want to have routine maintenance performed to prevent problems in the future, contact the car exhaust specialists in West Jordan, Utah at Ace Auto Repair or call (801) 803-6016 for all your Utah muffler and exhaust repair needs.
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