Belts and Hoses - Drive Belt - Ace Auto RepairBelts and hoses often wear our due to vehicle aging, belt tension, mileage, electromechanical degradation, hose clamp failure, and contamination from engine oil. Eventually, routine belts and hoses replacement is inevitable if you’re looking to prevent breakdowns and costly repairs. If you’re in need of replacing any belts or hoses on your vehicle, contact Ace Auto in West Jordan, Utah for a free quote today. Our auto master mechanics are dedicated to providing you with reliable services you can trust.

Importance of Replacing Your Car’s Belts and Hoses

Belts and hoses play a critical role in the operation of your vehicle’s cooling system, AC system, engine, and the charging system. Auto belts and hoses are among the fastest wearing parts owing to their functional operations within the vehicle. The Radiator hose and heater hose convey liquid coolants from/to the engine, heater core, and the radiator. On the other hand, the timing belt maintains engine precision by synchronizing rotation of your engine’s camshaft and crankshaft, which are designed to move the engine’s pistons and valves. Some vehicle models, however, do not have timing belts but instead use timing chains. Outside the engine lies the serpentine belt that transmits power from the front part of the engine to external systems like the air conditioner and charging system. Because auto belts and hoses are one of the fasted wearing parts, it’s important to receive regular inspections to make sure you replace them before any real damage occurs.

Types of Automotive Belts and Hoses

There are numerous kinds of belts and hoses in an auto engine. They all serve different important purposes, so the upkeep and regular maintenance are critical.

Vehicle Belts

Some of the critical engine belt types include the timing belt and fan belt or serpentine belt. As mentioned earlier, a car timing belt forms part of the engine and controls the precision of engine valves in addition to extra tasks like driving water and oil pumps in some vehicle models. But, what is a serpentine belt? Also referred to as fan belt, the serpentine belt drives the external engine accessories like alternators, power steering pump, water pump, AC system, and even the hydraulic clutch line. Most vehicles come with a single serpentine belt while others come with two or three.

Vehicle Hoses

Hoses include engine hose, upper radiator hose, bottom radiator hose, rubber brake hose, engine coolant hose, antifreeze hose, fuel line hose, and auto air conditioning hoses. Almost all engine components have hoses that enhance the proper operation of the engine. Examples are coolant hoses, radiator hoses, and vacuum hoses. Hoses are designed to transport fluids and air between critical engine components to keep the vehicle running efficiently. Radiator hoses enhance engine cooling by moving the coolant from the engine through the radiator and back to the engine. Without the movement of coolant, the engine could overheat and eventually seize, leading to costly engine rebuild or replacement.

When to Change Belts and Hoses

A car hose is made of rubber due to its lightweight properties. Over time, rubber tends to degrade and wear down, occasioning radiator hose replacement and heater hose replacement. Belts are similarly exposed to harmful chemicals, and engine vibration, engine heat, that all lead to wear and tear hence the need for periodic serpentine belt replacement and drive belt replacement.

Some symptoms to look out for when belts and hoses are nearing failure include:

  • Grinding, squeaking, or screeching noise when starting the engine or during vehicle operation. However, grinding sounds near belts indicate bad pulleys, not a bad car belt.
  • A bad serpentine belt may lead to loss of power and air conditioning failure.
  • Leaking coolant or other engine fluids may indicate a worn out hose.
  • Illuminated dashboard lights
  • Rising steam emanating from the engine

Engine belts are often difficult to visually inspect, and that’s why it’s critical to follow the manufacturer’s recommended belt replacement duration or mileage. A cracked serpentine belt can eventually break without warning if not changed on time, so you should keep tabs on when to replace serpentine belt.

Why Choose Ace Auto Belt & Hose Replacement in West Jordan, Utah?

If your car is squeaking, leaking, or it has taken quite some time since you last inspected your belts and hoses, come to Ace Auto in West Jordan, Utah and let our experts look at it. We have a versatile team of technicians who will closely examine the source of the trouble and find an accurate solution. We will recommend when to have your belts replaced next, so you won’t have to worry about your vehicle stalling on the road. We also offer engine repair services, engine rebuild and replacement, air conditioning repair and recharge, and much more. View a list of our other services. Contact Ace Auto in Utah for a free quote on your belts and hoses replacement today!

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