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A car is typically a fairly large purchase for most people, both as a monetary expense and for the amount of time you’re going to wind up spending in the car. It deserves a thorough inspection not only for what you want to drive over the next few years but an inspection to assure the mechanical integrity of the vehicle. A CarFax report is a good start, but only shows the history, not the current condition of the car. If you’re buying from an individual, they should not be opposed to the idea of you taking the car to a private mechanic for an inspection. A dealer may claim to have already conducted an inspection, but you should remember that was for the interest of their business rather than assuring you make a great purchase.

What Is a Used Car Inspection Inspection?

A pre-purchase inspection goes over the entire car to find any flaws that may be problematic in the future. Any cosmetic damage can be assessed, and if there’s a mechanical problem, it will be found. An estimate for any needed repairs is provided so you know what you’re getting into should you decide to purchase the car. If the inspection is perfectly clean, you can rest assured you’re buying a great car. If there are problems, you can move on and find a different car or use the information to negotiate a fair price which allows you to cover the expense required to bring the car up to your standards.

Who Should Get a Used Car Inspection Vehicle Inspection?

Conventional wisdom suggests having an inspection performed on any car that costs over $5,000 regardless of whether or not it has any remaining warranty. There are other situations in which it would be in your interest to have the car inspected for safety and reliance before you spend your hard-earned money.

  • If you’re buying the car for a child who is just learning to drive, you’ll want to make sure the car is in good working order.
  • When the car is a gift for a family member you need to be assured the car is going to be up to common standards of safety and performance.
  • If the car is known to have been in a wreck or otherwise sustained major damaged, you need a mechanic to make sure repairs were conducted properly.
  • If the car seems priced inappropriately comparative to similar cars on the market you may be getting a great bargain, but you may be getting somebody else’s problem so you’ll want a mechanic to go over it for you.

What Should Be Inspected?

ASE Certified - The Mechanic Used Car Inspection in West Jordan - Ace Auto RepairAce Auto Repair mechanics are ASE Master Technicians and Frame Specialist who will conduct a 60-point vehicle inspection to examine a vehicle’s mechanical, electrical, and safety aspects. Our mechanics will look for fluid leaks, engine noise, indications of previous fire or flood damage, transmission performance, suspension problems, braking system issues, electrical system functionality, axels, wheels/tires, and aesthetic issues with the vehicle’s interior and exterior. We will also take the car on a test drive to see how the vehicle performs going up-hill, over bumps, and on the freeway. The mechanic performing the inspection will be aware of common problems which arise with your specific make and model.

How Much Does It Cost and Who Pays for a Used Car Inspection?

It’s always up to the buyer to pay for the inspection. The point is to use a mechanic you trust rather than the seller’s buddy to look for potential problems! Considering the time, equipment and specialized knowledge a mechanic provides, the price for the inspection is well worth the cost.

Many auto shops charge up to $200 to perform a pre-purchase inspection, but at Ace Auto Repair we offer pre-purchase car inspections for only $189.

5. Certified Mechanic's Used Car Inspection at Ace Auto Repair in Utah

Although no inspection can guarantee to find an intricately hidden potential problem, it makes sense to have a professional look over the purchase you plan to make.

Call Ace Auto Repair to schedule a meeting with an ASE certified Master Technician who will provide a fair and unbiased mechanical assessment before making your vehicle purchase.