Honda Owners in West Jordan: How Often Should You Get a Honda Oil Change?

Certified mechanic performing a Honda oil change at Ace Auto Repair

Certified mechanic performing a Honda oil change at Ace Auto Repair

Breaking Down the Honda Oil Change Process

Understanding the process can help underscore the importance of a Honda oil change. During an oil change, our qualified mechanics at Ace Auto Repair drain the old engine oil, replace the old oil filter with a new one, and then refill the engine with fresh, high-quality oil. This process keeps your engine well-lubricated and ensures smooth motor function, significantly reducing the risk of engine wear and tear.

Distinguishing Synthetic Oil from Conventional Oil

While all oils serve the same fundamental purpose – to lubricate and protect the engine – not all engine oils are created equal. Conventional oil, derived directly from crude oil, has been the standard for many years. However, synthetic oil, a chemically modified petroleum product designed to provide superior performance, offers benefits like better lubrication, reduced engine wear, and longer lifespan. It's no wonder that many modern Honda vehicles now recommend using synthetic oil.

Maximizing Your Honda's Performance with Ace Auto Repair

With a team of dedicated and experienced mechanics, Ace Auto Repair doesn't merely change your Honda's oil. We carry out a comprehensive check of your Honda to ensure it's performing at its best. We inspect your vehicle's fluids, belts, brakes, and tires, providing you with a complete picture of your vehicle's health.

Understanding the Season's Impact on Your Honda's Oil Change

Another crucial factor that most Honda owners overlook is how seasons can affect a Honda oil change. If you often drive in extremely hot or cold conditions, you might need to change your oil more frequently. Extreme temperatures can make the engine work harder, which can cause the oil to degrade more rapidly.

The Ace Auto Repair Difference

As a locally owned and operated auto repair shop in West Jordan, UT, Ace Auto Repair is committed to providing excellent Honda oil change services. Our warm, welcoming staff provides top-notch customer service, and our certified mechanics ensure that your Honda receives the best care possible.

Prioritize Your Honda’s Regular Maintenance

Now that you understand the comprehensive nature of a Honda oil change and the factors that influence its frequency, it’s clear that a regular oil change is more than just routine maintenance—it’s a vital practice to keep your Honda performing optimally and to maintain its longevity. Trust Ace Auto Repair in West Jordan, UT, to provide high-quality Honda oil change services.

Isn’t it time to give your Honda the care it deserves? Schedule your Honda oil change with Ace Auto Repair today. Contact us at (801) 803-6016 or visit us online. Trust us to keep your Honda running smoothly and efficiently – we’re your go-to auto repair shop for all your automotive needs!

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The Ultimate Guide to Car Suspension Repair: How to Deal with Shock and Strut Issues

Mechanic performing car suspension repair at Ace Auto Repair shop

Mechanic performing car suspension repair at Ace Auto Repair shop

In-Depth: The Role of Shocks and Struts in Your Vehicle

Shocks and struts aren't just about comfort; they have a profound impact on the overall performance and safety of your vehicle. Shocks, or shock absorbers, reduce the effect of traveling over rough ground, leading to improved ride quality and vehicle handling. Struts, on the other hand, serve a critical role in the overall suspension system. They provide structural support to your vehicle's suspension and help maintain the car's alignment. Together, these components ensure a safe, smooth, and controlled ride.

A Closer Look: Common Signs of Shock and Strut Issues

Now that we understand the fundamental role shocks and struts play in your vehicle let's delve into common signs that there might be issues at hand. Your vehicle might show specific tell-tale signs such as dipping or nose-diving when stopping, swaying or leaning while turning or changing lanes, and an overall bumpy or shaky vehicle ride. If you notice any of these signs or symptoms, it's a clear indication that your vehicle requires a car suspension repair.

The Solution: The Process of Car Suspension Repair

Car suspension repair isn't a DIY job for most vehicle owners. It involves complex mechanical work that requires expert handling. An auto repair mechanic begins by thoroughly inspecting the suspension system, including shocks, struts, and other linked components. They will then replace or repair any parts as needed. This process might involve strut replacement, shock absorber replacement, or even a complete suspension overhaul depending on the level of damage.

Long-Term Care: Tips for Prolonging Your Suspension System's Lifespan

A well-maintained suspension system can last for many years. Some tips for maintaining a healthy suspension system include regular vehicle servicing, avoiding overloading your vehicle, driving carefully and avoiding hard stops or harsh bumps whenever possible, and getting your tires rotated regularly. Observing these practices can help prolong the lifespan of your car's suspension system.

The Bigger Picture: The Importance of Timely Car Suspension Repair

Ignoring suspension issues may lead to more severe problems down the line. A faulty suspension system can affect your vehicle's handling, making it difficult and unsafe to drive. It can also cause uneven tire wear, leading to premature tire replacement. Therefore, timely recognition and repair of any suspension issues can save you from costly future repairs and ensure your safety on the road.

Embrace the Smooth Ride

In conclusion, understanding your car suspension system and the necessity for timely repairs can significantly enhance your driving experience. By recognizing symptoms early and seeking professional help, you can ensure a smooth ride and prolong the life of your vehicle.

Do you suspect your car might need a suspension repair? Trust Ace Auto Repair, your go-to auto repair shop in West Jordan, UT. Our certified mechanics provide top-quality car suspension repair services, ensuring you get back on the road as swiftly and smoothly as possible. 

Get a free auto repair quote today! For more information, visit our website at or give us a call at (801) 803-6016. Let us help you keep your car running smoothly with our professional repair services.

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