Small Business Saturday: Support Your Local Auto Repair Shops  

Small Business in Utah - Auto Repair Shop

Small Business in Utah - Auto Repair Shop

Ace Auto Repair management and our entire service team wants to thank all of our customers here in West Jordan and throughout southern metro Salt Lake City. We appreciate your trusting us with your auto repairs and maintenance for the past 11 years.

As owners of a small business in Utah, we’re grateful for the support of our community as we have worked to build our business. We’ve run our auto repair shop according to our personal values, and we’re very proud of our team here and the service we provide our customers. We are committed to providing every vehicle owner with the highest quality of workmanship, a fair price, and the best personal service in our region.

How Communities Benefit from Small Business Customers

Small Business Saturday: Of course, when you choose Ace Auto Repair and other small businesses, you’re helping strengthen the West Jordan’s community. For example, doing business with a small local company:

Helps create local jobs

Over 30 million small businesses throughout the U.S. employ more than 47% of the nation’s workforce.

Grows the local economy

Local business tax revenues are put back into the community.

Helps promote an excellent local service culture

Small business operators and their staff are known for taking time to provide a better experience for customers.

Increases charitable giving from your town

Local businesses donate more than 200% above the rate big businesses give to local charitable causes.

Promotes local innovation

Smaller teams outperform large competitors with better custom solutions to meet customers’ individual needs.

Helps a successful local population

Spending at local businesses helps local entrepreneurs reach their goals, which helps develop a successful community.

Ace Customers Benefit from Small Service Business

As a small auto repair service business customer, you also personally receive many essential advantages that big national chain branches cannot deliver as well. For example:

  • Better responsiveness: When you call Ace Auto Repair, you will find that our response to your needs is consistently quicker than from a large chain of auto service centers. From answering the phone to reporting diagnoses to finishing the work on your vehicle.
  • Greater value: Local auto service centers and other small businesses don’t have the huge overhead costs national brands carry, so we can offer high quality at lower prices.
  • More creative solutions: Local entrepreneurs are more focused on our customers’ needs and tend to strive harder to provide effective solutions faster than big chains do.
  • Higher quality service: Small business teams have a much more personal experience with the long-term effects of providing the best possible service to every person.
  • Business relationships prioritized: Small businesses in small markets work more diligently to build lasting relationships in their community. So, customers are never just another number.

Best Local Auto Repair Service in West Jordan, Utah

As a local auto maintenance and repair provider, Ace Auto Repair management and our employees take great pride in our service facility’s reputation for quality work at fair prices. Every auto mechanic in our shop must earn ASE Certification and stay up to date on new industry technologies for a wide range of modern high-tech vehicle operating systems.

Ask about our oil change offer!

Call us at Ace Auto Repair at (801) 803-6016 when your vehicle needs repair or is due for routine maintenance, and we will provide you with a free auto repair quote.

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What are the Symptoms of a Bad AC Compressor?  

Bad Car AC Compressor Symptoms - AC Not Cooling

Bad Car AC Compressor Symptoms - AC Not Cooling

Your car AC compressor is designed to pressurize the refrigerant that is running through the air conditioner. That’s what makes your car’s AC system produce cool air. To keep the refrigerant flowing through the AC system, and keep it under pressure, and at a high temperature, the AC compressor must work properly. But, naturally, AC compressors eventually need repair or replacement. Here we’ll look at the most common symptoms of a broken AC compressor.

How Does The AC Compressor Work?

The AC compressor compresses the vapor of the air conditioner refrigerant to convert it from its low-pressure state into a high-pressure gas. Under high pressure, the high temperature of the gas causes it to circulate and release cold air. Because of the refrigerant circulating through the vehicle’s air conditioning system in this state, the air coming from the air conditioner’s dashboard vents is cold when the AC is turned on.

Symptoms of Bad AC Compressor

Of course, as with any other working part on a car, the AC compressor goes through a lot of wear and tear over time and, at some point will need repair or replacement. The AC compressor will show signs that a repair is needed, which will help you figure out what is wrong.

Air Conditioner is Not Cooling

If you find your vehicle’s AC not cooling the inside of your car, that is typically a symptom of a bad AC compressor. A damaged or worn-out compressor can no longer regulate refrigerant flow as necessary for normal functioning, so the air conditioner does not cool properly. You may find your car AC blowing hot air. Or, you may find very little or no airflow at all coming from the AC vents when the AC is turned on. These are signs that the AC compressor is no longer functioning and needs to be replaced.

Loud Clattering Noise

A loud rattling noise coming from your car’s air conditioner when it is turned on is a symptom of a problem with the AC compressor. The compressor consists of an assembly of various component parts. If one or more parts break, the unit may make a clattering noise. Often a broken AC compressor will try unsuccessfully to turn off and on. The best solution to this problem is to replace the AC compressor rather than attempt to repair it.

Fluid Leaking

If there is fluid leaking from your AC compressor, that is an indicator of a malfunction in the part. The AC compressor has bearings inside that stop fluid from leaking out. When the bearings are damaged or become worn out from long-term use, fluid can leak from them. Refrigerant leaking from an automobile AC compressor can cause the air conditioner to stop working. It can also present a potentially serious health risk. So, as a priority, while looking for signs of an AC compressor problem, check to be sure the system has refrigerant still in it.

AC Compressor Clutch Not Working

When the clutch of an AC compressor is not moving, that is a sure sign of a problem with that auto part. The clutch enables the AC compressor to draw power from your car’s engine only when needed to run the AC. If the clutch is seized up, it cannot keep the compressor engaged continuously. If the clutch is broken, the compressor can’t receive power from the engine.

AC Compressor Maintenance

To keep your car cool and comfortable in hot weather, the AC refrigerant must continue to flow without disruption through the car’s AC system. It must remain consistently under high pressure and at high temperature to keep your AC blowing cold air. Your car’s AC compressor must be properly maintained for these conditions to stay in balance.

That includes keeping the AC drive belts clean and in good condition. Additionally, you should run your vehicle’s air conditioner for a minimum of ten minutes once each week to circulate the fluids and keep the gas from the refrigerant inside the chambers of the AC unit.

Car AC Repair Near Me – Ace Auto, West Jordan Utah

If you live in the Salt Lake City, UT area and need to have your vehicle’s AC checked, we offer our region’s best auto maintenance and repair services. We provide a one-stop service facility for all your car care needs. See our services page and contact page for quick, transparent quotes. All Ace mechanics are ASE Certified and keep current with industry technology updates for modern high-tech vehicle systems.

For problems with your car’s AC, call Ace Auto Repair at (801) 803-6016 for a free repair quote or schedule an appointment. All of our auto services are guaranteed!

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